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Moving the Celebrus brand forward

Author: Tiffany Staples


As you can see, Celebrus has a new look.

Recent innovations in the Celebrus data technologies have spawned the innovation of a new Celebrus brand image. The aim for the Celebrus team was to create a visual representation worthy of the cutting-edge, dynamic technology we offer.

The new Celebrus logo

As our technology transcends data across platforms, systems and devices, Celebrus consolidated our previous product logos into one main brand logo. The Celebrus C represents many facets of the business – from the data points on the bands of the C (Celebrus CDP), to the coloration reminiscent of a thumbprint to highlight our fraud capabilities (Celebrus FDP), to the systematic stacking of the bands of the C to represent our data infrastructures (Celebrus CDM). The new Celebrus logo is a true representation of a unified business and a reminder that data is at the heart of everything we do.

The new Celebrus website experience

Just as brands rely on the data collected from Celebrus technologies to drive the customer experience forward, the goal of the new Celebrus brand is to provide an initial and ongoing positive experience for visitors to the Celebrus website.

We’ve created a new experience with simple navigation paths, industry and role-specific information, and greater access to understand the intricacies of the Celebrus solution suite.

Moving forward

Throughout the next weeks and months, Celebrus will continue to innovate our brand with updated content, materials, and experiences.

We’re delighted to share our brand journey and look forward to the next chapter of the Celebrus story.

Tiffany Staples
Vice President of Marketing
D4t4 Solutions

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