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Celebrus Visibility Detection

Unrivaled content visibility. Unmatched effectiveness.

Celebrus Visibility Detection

Ensure customers see the content you’ve built for them.

Deliver on the final stages of decisioning and personalization that others can’t with Celebrus Visibility Detection.

Decisioning engines rely on machine learning models to determine messaging efficacy across customers and platforms. They ultimately need to deliver messages quickly and efficiently; however, many personalization ideas never end up being seen by the user.

Don't settle for platforms that count content as delivered simply because it's sent to the channel - it leads to an inaccurate analysis of what's working and what's not.


Remove bias in machine learning

False positives are created when content is delivered, but not seen – a detriment to engagement analyses.

Visibility detection from Celebrus identifies consumer engagement and vision, so marketing efforts can be based on accurate campaign results and improved machine models.


Fill the gaps

While many solutions require a selected single success metric to test, Celebrus CDP provides a more complete picture, incorporating multiple metrics, so innovation becomes intelligent and efficient.


Generate accurate insight

Understanding how customers interact with digital content may seem like a simple task; however, gaining accurate vision into actions across channels and devices is complex.

Celebrus’ multi-touch attribution models provide real-time accurate and complete insight to make informed decisions based on consumer behavior and preference.

Maximize machine learning capabilities with comprehensive data and visibility detection only available with Celebrus.