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Don't just manage fraud – prevent it

Catch the Fraudster before the fraud by activating contextualized identity and biometric data instantly.


Protect your business – and your customers

Detect anomalies in real-time

Analyze data at scale to recognize anomalies that lead to the discovery of where and how fraud occurs.

Measure and activate behavioral biometrics

Legitimatize behavioral patterns, such as hand dominance, biometric pressures, and navigational tendencies, flagging abnormal activities.

Recognize and trace fraudulent activities

Follow mule account activity to recognize and trace compromised identities to prevent additional fraud losses.

Craft intricate identity data stories

Build complex identity structures to identify and authenticate users, while measuring interactions across sessions and platforms.

Bridge data systems with an open API

Connect and share digital data, including PII, across platforms with the industry’s most powerful no-code interface.

Know Your Customer

Utilize comprehensive data sets and identity to assess customer risk profiles and verify identity.

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Intervene before the fraud occurs

Real-time, contextualized data transforms the prevention of scams and financial fraud such as new account creation, account takeover, and payment fraud.

Celebrus intervenes to catch the fraudster before the fraud to provide a more seamless customer experience, streamline resource management, and reduce fraud expense to the organization.


Lower false positives

Nothing is more damaging to your corporate reputation than interrupting the customer experience by flagging false positives.

Celebrus' comprehensive identity mapping, fueled by extensive data capture and behavioral biometrics, ensures accurate customer identification and authentication across the entire customer journey. 


Augment existing fraud technologies

Accepting the limits of third-party systems for fraud management doesn’t have to be reality. Stop jeopardizing customer experience with limited, one- size-fits-all solutions – and start preventing fraud before it occurs.

Celebrus interacts with existing fraud technologies through an open API to bring the world’s most advanced, comprehensive fraud defense solution together with your current technologies.


of fraud detected
in 1% of transactions

> 99%

of user sessions unaffected
by fraud measures

< 1 day

needed to launch
new fraud risk indicators

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