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Celebrus Identity Graph

Build a complete picture of your digital customers

Persist first-party identity across channel, domain, and device.

Celebrus provides the industry’s only out-of-the-box, first-party Identity Graph you fully own and control.

Celebrus features comprehensive identity management and activation to enable enhanced digital interaction insight around individual users as they engage with your brands.

Many solutions lack the capability to identify or recall context over multiple user interactions across digital channels and domains due to cookie challenges and browser restrictions. As a result, organizations need a better solution to manage and persist identity in real-time, while remaining compliant.

With use cases from fraud prevention to marketing optimization and personalization, organizations rely on the accurate understanding of Identity to make crucial business decisions.


Celebrus Identity Graph

The Celebrus identity framework layers a first-party identity graph, complete with various 1st, 2nd, and third-party identifiers, on top of the Celebrus data model. Combined with the Celebrus Profile Builder, Celebrus offers the most comprehensive and accurate Identity solution in the marketplace today.

The first-party, real-time approach of the Celebrus identity graph enables identification of channel visitors within milliseconds, ensuring decisioning systems have the data needed to tailor experiences to customer preferences and interest or validate transactions, regardless of user authentication. Don’t rely simply on what’s happening in a single moment – act based on complete history and context with Celebrus.

Overcoming identity challenges to deliver moments-based experiences

From anonymous to known and everything in between, only Celebrus can manage identity while ensuring digital data is captured, connected, and activated at ultra-low latency, to deliver real-time authenticated and personalized experiences in a true first-party manner.


Persist identity across domains

Many organizations run multiple domains but can’t track the full visitor journey due to third-party cookie deprecation and cross-domain blocking. With an incomplete picture, customer insights are lost - massively reducing the effectiveness of paid media and real-time personalization, and costing brands millions in lost revenue.


Celebrus Cross-Domain Continuance persists visitor identity and session data, informing our innovative ID graph and Celebrus Profile Builder for a complete picture of every customer and every journey with the most complete identity solution on the market.


Fueled by interaction data

Identity technology from other vendors uses static, batched data ingested from first-party systems such as CRMs that inhibit real-time response to omni-channel customer interactions.


Celebrus leverages comprehensive real-time data capture, contextualization, and activation capabilities to persist identity and fuel relevant, personalized experiences.


Immune to browser restrictions

A true first-party solution, the Celebrus technology is unaffected by browser restrictions, and doesn't rely on third-party cookies.


Celebrus persists customer profiles for anonymous browsers, merging anonymous and authenticated profiles as the Celebrus identity graph connects and matches identifiers.


Celebrus provide the constructs – your team sets the rules.


Facilitate data activation

All data captured by Celebrus instantly populates our extensible data model and a rigorous structure is applied.


The powerful Celebrus data model enables real-time connections across existing business platforms and facilitates data activation in downstream applications.


Create flexible profile segments

Different business units require different views of the customer, and Celebrus breaks down data silos via a single source of truth for Identity and contextualization. Using Celebrus Profile Builder, comprehensive customer profiles for each digital visitor are created - consisting of all historic and current interactions across channel, device, and domain.  


Celebrus identity graph and Profile Builder provide complete flexibility, enabling fine segmentation of profile data. This provides optimum subsets of customer data to be connected to downstream systems, enabling specific use cases.

Authenticate and understand engagement across platforms and channels to persist identity on a one-to-one basis.