Digital Identity Verification

Know who your digital channel visitors are across all touch points and build robust Identity Graphs to drive real value and positive experiences for your consumers. Celebrus CDP Identity Graph and Profile Builder are essential in the industry today.


In a digital world packed full of different touch points, it’s crucial that businesses capture a user’s many identifiers and have the ability to recall context from the very first interaction. With so many uses cases dependent upon Identity, the cost is too great to stick with subpar solutions.

Celebrus CDP features a comprehensive identity management and activation solution which enables you to understand who is interacting with your digital channels, every time they engage with your brand. With our unique Identity Graph you can instantly identify individuals from a host of attributes and link customer records which would otherwise lie in different silos across your digital infrastructure. And unlike other solutions, our Identity Graph is both 1st party and real-time, enabling channel visitors to be identified within milliseconds, which is a pre-requisite for any organization who aims to deliver a personalized experience, in the moment. This ensures that every session can be compliantly tailored to a customer’s interests, regardless of whether the visitor is authenticated or anonymous. Have all relevant context, both current and historical, at your proverbial fingertips in the most industry compliant manner.


A database that stores and links all identifiers that are associated with an individual customer. These include PII and other identifiers such as email, username, IP address, cookies, and even offline identifiers like loyalty card numbers.


Those organizations who wish to deliver the highest levels of customer experience aspire to achieve individual level, in-the-moment personalization. This transformation enables bespoke content informed by in-session behavior to personalize pages as they load.

In effect, when a visitor lands on one of your digital channels, the following five steps must occur instantaneously:



Determine if the visitor is known or unknown

Using a persistent identifier compliant and unimpacted by Apple ITP and other restrictions, immediately ascertain whether this person has been on any of your digital channels before



Provide access to a comprehensive profile of historical attributes relating to that individual

Instantly obtain all data for the individual, housed within a customer profile



Append all data from the current session

Update the customer profile with data captured in-session



Augment the Identity Graph entry for this individual

Update the graph when an identifier is provided (e.g., email address, login, phone number, etc.).



Send relevant data, from the customer profile to the most appropriate system

Data sets must be segmented, excluding irrelevant or protected data to enable real-time use cases and maintain compliance.

And achieving all of these processes is not enough - in order to deliver moments-based marketing, all 5 steps need to take place within 100-150 milliseconds.

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Only Celebrus CDP can identify all channel visitors, capture, connect and activate their digital data at ultra-low latency, to deliver personalized, individual level content, in-the-moment in a true 1st party manner.

Fueled by Interaction Data

Celebrus CDP determines identity from the digital data we capture. No other solution can rival the level of detail captured by Celebrus CDP. Identity Graphs from other vendors leverage static data which is batch ingested from an organization’s first party systems (e.g. CRM), so they cannot respond in the moment to omnichannel customer interactions.

1st Party Identity Graph

The Celebrus CDP Identity Graph is owned and managed by clients within their trusted 1st party environments. Competing solutions feature 3rd party Identity Graphs which are hosted in cloud environments, which suffer from excessive latency and security issues.

Immunity to Browser Restrictions

As a true first party solution, Celebrus CDP is unaffected by browser restrictions such as ITP which are causing cookie death. So while other solutions’ cookies are blocked, Celebrus CDP not only persists customer profiles for anonymous browsers, but automatically stitches and merges anonymous and known profiles when our Identity Graph makes a positive match.

Structured Data Model

All data captured by Celebrus CDP instantly populates our extensible data model in which a rigorous structure is applied. It is this powerful data model which enables real-time connections and facilitates data activation in downstream applications.

Flexible Profile Segments

Celebrus CDP creates comprehensive customer profiles for each of your digital channel visitors, which consist of all historic and current interactions. Celebrus Profile Builder provides complete flexibility, enabling fine segmentation of profile data, so that the optimum subsets of customer data can be connected to each of your downstream systems, to enable specific use cases.

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