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Celebrus & PegaSystems

The Partnership that makes ‘moments-based marketing’ a reality

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Pegasystems is the decisioning solution of choice for leading enterprises to deliver hyper-personalized, next best actions that engage customers to build deep, long-lasting relationships.

But your decisioning platform is only as powerful as the quality and speed of data it gets. To unleash the true power of Pega, you need data about individual customers, their behaviors and preferences, “in the blink of an eye”.

It’s time to think differently about moments-based marketing.

Celebrus has a radically different approach to data capture, solving the problems that restrict other solutions. We identify every customer, then instantly contextualize their interactions to provide insight into their journey, and the strength of their interest. Simultaneously, Celebrus captures their behavioral signals to drive in-the-moment decisioning across the customer journey. All with no tagging required!

And Celebrus is the only data capture solution that can identify your customers – both new and old - while still being fully compliant with PII and GDPR regulations.

Make in-the-moment decisioning easy by supplying your Pegasystems decisioning engine with the right data to make the right decisions.


Wow customers in real-time

Celebrus seamlessly integrates first-party data with Pega CDH to deliver the most complete, fully compliant, and accurate view of customer interactions across digital channels in real-time. And by real-time, we mean milliseconds – that’s faster than your camera flash or the blink of an eye. In fact, it’s pretty close to ‘zero latency’.

This kind of speed and data quality is the cornerstone of the Celebrus/Pegasystems partnership, because it enables genuine real-time, one-to-one personalization of content for every single customer. In fact, you’ll ‘wow’ them by delivering a seamless customer experience (CX) across every digital channel, wherever and whenever they interact with you.

That’s what we call ‘moments-based marketing’ – the best way to increase conversions, boost profits, and build customer loyalty.


Extract powerful marketing signals effortlessly

Celebrus comes with advanced Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to detect and extract powerful Automated Marketing Signals (AMS) from your customers’ interaction data. These signals are automatically stitched together over time, sessions, and across multiple devices and instantly passed to your Pega CDH as a lightweight data feed.

These AMS accurately predict ‘intent’, so your content can be personalized to each customer with the ideal ‘next best actions’ served before they have the chance to click away. The result? Huge increases in conversion rates!


Personalize every experience

Your customers are unique individuals who expect and demand more. Their journey is made up of a series of ‘moments’, and each of those moments provides a golden opportunity for your brand to make meaningful connections. You – and your customers - deserve better than blanket experiences served to the masses.

Our tightly integrated solution makes in-the-moment hyper-personalization easy and affordable. We instantly contextualize ALL your customer data and enable it to flow between the two systems in milliseconds – so you can deliver genuine real-time personalization for every customer and in every channel.

Deliver the ‘wow’ moments and outstanding experiences that create customer loyalty.



Excel with compliant identity resolution

Changes to browser and compliance regulations can be a challenge, but Celebrus' tagging free solution provides a true first-party, one-to-one personalization solution that’s fully compliant. Our first-party identity graph gives you the ability to rapidly package behavioral signals in real-time to feed the Pega CDH brain, without being impacted by industry challenges like tracking prevention and cookie deprecation.

Enhance ROI with instant feedback

Live-time Celebrus data is leveraged to update the content and offers coming from Pega CDH to the digital channel and provides an instant and continuous feedback loop on the success of those changes.

Shine with massive cost reductions

The low code approach from Celebrus – just a single line of code, no tagging, no hassle – means you see a 60-70% reduction in digital data management costs right away.

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Celebrus has been a great partner to Pega and our clients. Their data collection solutions are a valuable complement to Pega's decisioning solutions, and they have been central to our winning a number of strategic new business opportunities.

- Hayden Stafford, President Global Client Engagement

Take your Pega investment to the next level - with the only solution that delivers the right data, at the right time.