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Celebrus & Teradata

The Partnership that powers hyper-personalization and amazing CX

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Teradata provides deep customer analytics, cloud-enabled customer intelligence, and real-time decisioning solutions to offer enterprise clients unrivaled levels of performance, security, and scalability.

But the best decisioning tools are only as good as the data they use.

Celebrus real-time connectors enable Teradata to deliver individual level personalization, in-the-moment, based on in-session customer interactions. Only Celebrus captures and instantly contextualizes 100% of all customer interactions, across every digital channel. It automatically detects signals of intent and opportunity, then feeds this interaction data to Teradata within milliseconds to enable real-time, individual level personalization.

Celebrus then adds comprehensive behavior, interaction, and experience data to complete an accurate single customer view in Teradata Vantage, enabling rapid and meaningful customer analytics.


Leverage Celebrus live-time, tag-free data capture solution to enrich Teradata’s analytics and interaction management solutions

Advertising optimization and attribution
Customer loyalty and product analytics
Social media audience integration and retargeting
Omni-channel campaign management
Compliance to GDPR & other data privacy regulations
Instant fraud detection and prevention (FDP)

Engage true real-time data capture to enrich Teradata analytics and real-time interaction management.


Optimize the customer journey at scale

Leverage customer interaction data to elevate the customer experience by identifying each customer individually. When you deploy Celebrus in combination with Teradata, you can understand and respond to customer preferences “in-the-moment” with genuine one-to-one personalization that engages and satisfies your customers.


Reduce TCO of customer data

Complex, multi-cloud data architectures help increase enterprise agility while reducing the total cost of ownership of customer data. Celebrus features a variety of cloud connectivity capabilities which provide the flexibility to adopt hybrid, multi-cloud strategies to transform the management and control of your customer data.


A seamless analytics experience

Celebrus data loaders automate the continual flow of data from Celebrus and provide a seamless experience for both Analysts and Data Scientists, enabling them to perform analytics directly from Teradata Vantage, using powerful toolsets.

We have a long-standing mutually beneficial partnership with D4t4 Solutions and their Celebrus product set, and together we have helped some of the world's largest banks, including three of the top ten retail banks, plus global airlines, telecommunications companies, healthcare providers, and insurers, generate significant incremental revenue and deliver outstanding Customer Experience for our joint clients.
-Steve McMillan, President and CEO, Teradata

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