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Capture, contextualize, and activate data in real-time

Harness the most advanced cross-channel, first party data capture to create meaningful, data-driven experiences.


Powerful features to solve your largest data challenges

Deliver exceptional experiences

Enable effortless real-time interaction management across solutions to eliminate data silos and deliver unforgettable customer experiences.

Understand the customer journey

Deliver enriched user-specific journeys by combining first-party behavioral and experiential data with offline and third-party data.

Resolve identity over time

Don’t rely on subpar systems – build robust identity graphs to fully understand ALL users, from anonymous to known, by measuring interactions across sessions, devices, channels, and domains.

Protect consumer privacy

Safeguard customer data and respect preferences with the only data capture and contextualization platform that puts privacy and compliance first, adhering to strict global regulations.

Experience unmatched visibility

Capture accurate and comprehensive interaction analytics to gauge and measure content engagement. Remove blind spots and better inform your analytics with accurate visibility detection.

Connect more with an open API

Why capture data and not use it? Bring Celebrus data to any system with the industry’s most powerful no-code interface.

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Capture critical data points

Never hear “we didn’t tag for it” again. Celebrus is the most comprehensive data solution available – with enhanced real-time, first-party data capture and contextualization.

Celebrus delivers identity stitching, PII tracking, and maps the entire customer journey in live-time – across all channels, domains, devices, and interactions.


Improve the customer experience

Don’t settle for third-party systems with limited data capture capabilities and long lag times to make key marketing and advertising decisions that shape the customer experience.

The complete data capture and real-time decisioning capabilities of Celebrus provide an opportunity to deliver hyper-personalized experiences that truly matter, based on individual consumer interest and action.


Ensure regulatory data compliance

Don’t risk jeopardizing, or even violating compliance regulations due to poor or misguided access to their data resources.

The agile environment of Celebrus is built for scale, adhering to evolving, complex regulations every step of the way.


“Moving away from a tag-based structure simplifies experience delivery and reduces lost data due to broken code and regressions unintentionally introduced by other changes. The bank spent thousands of hours every year on this which translates to millions of dollars in cost."

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