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Connect granular data from Celebrus CDP to hundreds of enterprise solutions.

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What is Data Orchestration?

‘Data orchestration’ is the process of taking control of data that exists in silos and disparate storage sources, in order to provide a frictionless customer journey. It involves:

  • Preparing the data for analysis,
  • Making decisions based on this data and;
  • Suggesting ‘next best actions’ for your customers.

In spite of its importance, Harvard Business Review discovered that data analysts still spend >80% of their time on data preparation and just 20% on the analytics.

Now imagine you had a data model that could flip that equation and let your teams process and structure all your captured data within milliseconds.

Just think what that could do for your business: Orchestrate your customer journeys and discover how moments-based marketing can become simpler than ever. Celebrus CDP also integrates seamlessly into your enterprise applications for high-speed data activation: Capture and connect granular data for best-of-breed analytics and real-time interaction management (RTIM).

This is the power of the unique Celebrus CDP data model.


Open data standards means open connectivity

We understand that many organizations don’t want to rip out and replace their existing technologies, or rely on only one platform to meet all your MarTech needs. That’s why we’ve adopted a vendor-agnostic, flexible approach, which prioritizes seamless integrations with leading enterprise decisioning and analytics solutions, from partners like Teradata, Pegasystems, SAS, and Adobe.

In addition to dedicated connectors to these key enterprise systems, Celebrus CDP also provides a Universal Data Connector, which can be easily configured to feed into practically any platform, with minimal time and development overheads.

Enable real-time interaction management (RTIM)

With Celebrus CDP, feeding data into other systems is simple. Using our unique data approach, RTIM becomes effortless.

Extract key insights from customer data and instantly deliver personalized offers in the moment. Meaningful interventions like this will boost conversions, increase profits, and create more loyal customers.

Integrate customer data with our trusted partners

As well as being able to integrate with almost any platform, Celebrus CDP is directly partnered with the leading third-party enterprise solutions. Our data connection partners - Teradata, Pega, SAS, and Adobe - help you to hit the ground running and instantly put your customer data to good use.

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