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Head of Fraud

Celebrus for Fraud Executives

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Celebrus protects account holders – and your organization’s bottom line – from all types of fraud and scams.

As sophisticated scam tactics become more complex by the minute, banks are searching for alternatives to the traditional customer awareness and education programs they’ve typically offered. Financial organizations need stronger methods to differentiate service offerings to provide a better level of customer protection.

Catching scammers is highly challenging and requires real-time insight to eliminate fraud from being repeated. Celebrus protects customers from scams, online fraud, and financial crime through the identification of fraudsters using their unique behaviors.


Advanced detection to prevent fraud

Deploy behavioral insights

Combine captured behavioral biometric data, such as hand dominance, biometric pressures, and navigational tendencies with PII and other identifiable insight to recognize and act before fraud begins.

Leverage automated behavioral signals

Instantaneously shut down scams with out-of-the-box or custom triggers that work seamlessly with existing fraud management tools.

Detect anomalous customer behaviors

Uncover inconsistent customer behavioral patterns, indicative of fraud, enabling you to take immediate action.

Transform the customer experience

Offer continuous protection from fraud while delivering frictionless, invisible, and uninterrupted user authentication.

Reduce false positives

Using complex identity structures, identify legitimate users based on PII, activity, and behavioral insight to reduce false positives and friction across the user experience.

Recognize compromised accounts

Use the Celebrus Sense and Trace features to follow mule account activity to prevent fraud loss in real-time.


Despite their evolving techniques, fraudsters can’t replicate the way genuine users behave when they access and interact with online platforms. When a customer is drawn into a scam they behave differently, and this real-time data provides a unique opportunity to detect and stop the scam.

Celebrus captures all customer interactions taking place on your website, mobile app, and IoT devices. Pre-configured, analyst-friendly technology automatically detects common behaviors typically exhibited by scammed individuals. Sophisticated scorecards and integrated AI then deliver instant insights which are required to shut down scams before your customers lose money.

Celebrus real-time behavioral analytics provides your organization with the tools you need to stay one step ahead of scammers. And there’s no need to replace your existing fraud management, identity proofing, or authentication systems – Celebrus simply augments these applications to deliver greatly enhanced benefits.

Drastically reduce fraud and scams with the advanced technology of Celebrus.