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Privacy and Compliance

Maintain customer data privacy and security, effortlessly

Privacy Security Celebrus

100% fully compliant data technology that adheres to the highest privacy and security standards.

Protect customer personally identifiable information (PII) data with a focus on respecting privacy and consent choices.

Celebrus first-party data solution provides end-to-end customer consent management and regular penetration testing to ISO27001 standards.

100% compliant, Celebrus provides access to complete data sets with no tagging required. Data collection obligations under global data and privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and APEC are automatically fulfilled, without the use of third-party tracking cookies and zero impact from Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) or other browser restrictions.


Easily manage consent

Celebrus captures and maintains customer consent preferences in real-time across device and digital channel.

Celebrus makes it easy to respect consent choices:

  • Comply with customer requests to opt-out of sharing personal information with third parties
  • Share consent and permissions with any of your enterprise applications
  • Experience increased transparency and control of your customer data

Safeguard data management

Data security goes hand in hand with data privacy at Celebrus. Celebrus is regularly penetration tested and subjected to rigorous ethical hacking.

Celebrus treats customers as people first – and ensuring customer data is impregnable is our priority. With the peace of mind that brings, data teams can focus more time and effort on creating brilliant customer experiences.


Collect first-party data

A common problem among most companies using third-party cookies is user log out after 7 days, leading to a fragmented user experience.

Deploying a first-party data solution like Celebrus enables the capture and storage of first-party cookie data. This data can then be linked to all interactions on other platforms, such as your website, CRM, social media, and apps.

Celebrus is a true first-party solution that's installed within client-controlled environments. By not using data tagging, Celebrus is fully operational even when browsers impose limits on third-party, cookie-based tracking, ensuring adherence to regulations at both the browser and legislative level.

two data streams

Two data streams - one mission

Fraudsters can capitalize on data privacy legislation by opting out of data capture when they visit your digital channels, but that doesn’t mean that they can get away with it.


Celebrus helps reduce fraud loss to organizations and customers by detecting signs of fraud before the fraud occurs. Celebrus captures customer data in two parallel data streams: one collects legitimate interest data that's only used for fraud detection, and the other collects behavioral data used for marketing purposes.


By maintaining two distinct data sets, signals of fraudulent activity can be identified in milliseconds, while regulatory compliance is maintained the entire time.

Experience peace of mind with a customer data solution built for privacy and compliance.