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Time Series Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection built to stop fraud before it occurs.

Celebrus Time Series Anomaly Detection-1

Advanced fraud prevention technology with the power to deliver superior time series anomaly detection and analytics, along with the flexibility to scale as your business grows.


Instant gratification

Leverage out-of-the-box, pre-built baseline data analytics models instantly upon deploying Celebrus Fraud Data Platform.

Automate the recording and measurement of aggregated data points such as customer behavior and page load times across all digital channels with advanced anomaly detection and performance timing features.


Customize to fit your needs

Effortlessly build custom analytics models and link across data structures and platforms currently utilized within your technology and organization.


Turn insight into action

Recognize fraud before it occurs with the power to discover hidden data patterns such as login failures, DDoS attacks, username or password harvesting, application failures, and bot attacks.

Set acceptable ranges and outcomes to alert the business – and your fraud management teams – to data anomalies that may signal fraud.

Take fraud detection to the next level.
Monitor transactions in real-time to recognize anomalous activity – and act on it.