Detect Anomalies that Indicate FraudAnalyse your data en-masse to discover where and how fraud attacks take place

Not all Fraud Detection and Prevention is best done at an individual level. Looking at a time series analysis of aggregated data can help you identify issues across your digital channels that make fraud possible. Leverage acceptable ranges and outcomes to alert the business, or your fraud management teams, to Catch the Fraudster Before the Fraud.

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Celebrus FDP provides Time Series Anomaly Detection within the platform to allow organizations to identify outliers in their data in an automated way. While fully customizable, Celebrus FDP provides baseline models that can be applied instantly upon deployment of our technology. Furthermore, you can easily build links to other models in use across your organization.


Threat Hunting

  • Detect elements such as login failures
  • Page load failures and downtime indicating DDoS attacks

Data Breach Attacks

  • Detect attempts to harvest username and password data
  • Identify activity indicative of bots and scripts

Transaction Fraud

  • Monitor all transactions in real-time for anomalous activity
  • Understand the products and processes that are the focus of criminals

Infrastructure Failures

  • Identity potential security weaknesses being exploited by Fraudsters
  • Alert upon finding suspicious activity and page load time issues
  • Detect and rectify weaknesses before fraudsters discover them

Online Process Failures

  • Application process failures and issues
  • Identify odd application journeys
  • Quickly fix online processes that show potential issues or weaknesses


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