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Banking and Finance

Celebrus for banking & financial services

The gold standard for real-time, omni-channel data capture in the banking industry.


Innovating the way banks and financial institutions leverage first-party data to power analytics and transform the customer experience.

Trusted by leading financial institutions, Celebrus powers the insight necessary to create unique, personalized experiences.

Reject tagging, additional maintenance and workforce strain and experience true data accuracy. Complete data capture ensures your team never misses key data points crucial to the customer journey. From filling data sets to mapping complex identity stories, Celebrus provides your team the insight to effectively leverage real-time decisioning capabilities across channel and device.

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Celebrus for Banking and Finance


Personalize the customer journey

Increase engagement and extend timely offers to consumers with the personalized experience they expect from their financial institution.

Deployed in top global banks, Celebrus is focused on retention, increased interaction and helping organizations realize consumer value. Celebrus uses real-time data capture, contextualization and activation to deliver unique experiences to every customer ‘in the moment’, across any channel.


Connect cross-channel interactions

Capture data, including PII and interaction engagement across digital platforms in real-time without browser restrictions. Celebrus captures first-party data, instantaneously connecting and streaming to decisioning platforms.

Make sense of digital data sets and trigger actions that align messaging to offer push notifications, emails or other outreach methods in real-time, motivating consumers to take action.


Maintain regulatory compliance

Compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR, CPRA, LGPD and others around the globe are essential to establishing trust with your banking clients.

Celebrus makes consent management simple. With an intuitive interface and dynamic control of data collection in real-time, Celebrus conforms to customer consent changes across digital platforms, devices and time – whether the user is anonymous or known.

Equally as important, Celebrus collects comprehensive data for every sale, mitigating the risk of sales compliance for financial institutions.

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