Celebrus CDP for Banking and Finance

The world’s leading banks use Celebrus CDP to transform customer experiences. Create centralized customer profiles that contain interaction data captured from all channels. You can leverage this powerful Single Customer View to personalize customer experience (CX) and increase the lifetime value of your clients.

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How your customers interact with banks has transformed completely in the last five years. Their journeys are multi-channel and span:

Website visits
Mobile apps
AI enabled chatbots
Email activity
Phone calls with sales and support staff

With all these channels generating unique behavioral data sets, the immediate challenge for your organization lies in capturing, contextualizing and filtering the valuable customer interaction data to understand ‘intent’. When you extract that insight to make more accurate predictions about what each of your customers want, you can then personalize their experience to keep them on the sales journey at all times.

Celebrus CDP instantly captures and contextualizes your audiences’ financial and interaction data to deliver personalized experiences that your customers will love. Make each customer feel like an individual, by offering them unique and tailored customer journeys based on their actual behaviors and transaction history.


Optimize banking customer journeys

Personalization is no longer a ‘nice to have’: it is what your customers expect, and your competitors are already doing it. Think it’s too complex? It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Celebrus CDP is already the foundation of many global banks’ customer experience (CX) programs. Why? Because it makes it super easy for you to deliver unique experiences to every customer ‘in the moment’ across any channel - and they’re 100% compliant too. Their customer interaction data is fed instantly to your analytics or decisioning system where it is merged with your 360° customer view. Before your customer has time to ‘click away’, personalized and relevant ‘next best offers’ are served up by Celebrus CDP.

These smart interventions are great for your brand because they really do create ‘WOW’ moments with your customer. You will see they stay engaged longer, it yields much higher conversion rates and builds loyalty.

Re-target visitors who browsed your credit cards, mortgages, and savings products or abandoned loan applications. Send emails in real-time to customers who don’t complete their sales journey. Use digital analytics to engage customers at every moment. You can quickly improve customer experience and increase customer lifetime value.

Celebrus CDP allows banks to analyze and optimize their CX: here’s how we helped one retail bank to...

Make decisions in real-time

Personalizing messages increases customer click-through rates by more than fifty times, so it’s a no-brainer to implement this as soon as possible. What’s more, being able to personalize online messages for customers in real-time increases rates of engagement and conversion exponentially.

Celebrus CDP goes hand in hand with Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM) technology. The granularity of data captured, and the instantaneous speed at which it is contextualized and fed into solutions such as Teradata Vantage CX and Pega Customer Data Hub (CDH), gives you the ability to make timely offers customers won’t want to pass up, and the power to do so at scale.

One retail bank achieved over $50 million in incremental revenue in their first year of using Celebrus CDP.

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Orchestrate multiple channels

When your sales and service journeys are optimized to work in real-time across your multiple channels - on mobiles and tablet apps, websites, emails and more - the response and conversion rates skyrocket.

Celebrus CDP captures data and triggers from every digital source and streams them to decisioning platforms instantaneously. Follow up on lost sales in real-time, through inbound or outbound channels, to increase your conversion rate: when a customer receives an offer via push notification or email in real-time instead of the day after, they become that much more motivated to make a purchase.

One client saw a 15 times uplift in email effectiveness and a sales conversion rate increase of over 30% for follow-up calls to abandoned journeys when these actions were triggered in real time with Celebrus CDP. Find out more:

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Maintain data compliance for banks

For banks, compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, CPRA is essential to establish trust with your customers; gaining customer consent before capturing any data is crucial. Celebrus CDP makes consent management simple, by providing an intuitive interface, and dynamically controlling data collection in real-time, to conform to changes in customer consent made across website and mobile apps.

Mitigate the risk of fines from non-compliance in an efficient, cost-effective manner: one company implemented Celebrus CDP as an alternative to hiring a team of forty people!

Celebrus CDP also eases the sales compliance burden in financial services. Identifying non-compliant sales and eliminating them can save financial organizations millions: Celebrus provides granular data for every sale made, and ensuring analytics can identify any non-compliant behaviors in the sales team.

Reduce the risk of regulatory fines and reputational damage by eliminating non-compliant sales practices:

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Keep customer data secure

Data security is as important to us as data privacy. That’s why we consistently assess Celebrus CDP’s defenses with ethical hacking attempts.

When you are certain your customer data is secure you can focus on what matters: making your digital channels a delightful experience for customers and securing more sales.

Learn more about how Celebrus CDP manages data privacy and compliance.

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