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Real-time data technology to transform healthcare

Patient-first data capture, contextualization, and activation built to create truly personalized patient experiences with full HIPAA compliance.

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Connect experiences that matter – revolutionize personalized healthcare

Frictionless, personalized digital patient experiences backed by the most comprehensive technology to capture and bridge data across digital systems. Empower your healthcare organization to connect and use data in real-time.

Compliant with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations, Celebrus captures first-party data across multiple devices and channels. Optimize the patient healthcare journey by using Celebrus data to feed integrated decisioning and analytics platforms, promoting self-service and supporting patients throughout each stage of their care.

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Celebrus for Healthcare


The only HIPAA-compliant data solution

Celebrus is the only data capture solution that's true first-party, which means YOU own and control the data. And, unlike other vendors, we're happy to sign a BAA - because we've got you covered. 


Hyper-personalize patient experience

Medical records, patient PII, and interaction data are often siloed among digital business systems. Hospitals and healthcare systems lose millions in revenue and reputation because of these incomplete patient views due to data gaps.

Capturing compliant interaction and PHI data, without the hassle of browser-imposed tracking restrictions, allows for true hyper-personalization of the patient experience. Celebrus instantly activates multi-channel data, optimizing decisioning technologies to drive higher investment recognition and a connected patient experience.


Create a single patient view

Combined cross-channel data from sources like patient websites and portals, mobile apps, and specialized IoT devices like smartwatches and personal health trackers gives healthcare institutions the most comprehensive single patient view available.

Utilizing a personalized view, healthcare organizations can provide unique experiences otherwise unavailable to patients, increasing patient loyalty and personifying their mission and duty of care.


Optimize ROAS in real-time

Healthcare marketing and data scientists often lack the digital data required to build attribution models and identify optimization opportunities within the patient lifecycle. The result: overspending due to missed revenue opportunities.

The comprehensive data collection, contextualization and activation capabilities of Celebrus feeds analytics platforms, providing the necessary insight to improve campaign performance, optimize ROAS, and increase conversions.


Looking for HIPAA-compliant analytics?

Meet Celebrus!

The only full compliant web analytics solution that:

  • Never leaves your four walls
  • Restores visibility into your data
  • Delivers accurate data you can trust
  • Never shares PHI 

Transform patient healthcare experiences with the power to activate omni-channel data.