Celebrus CDP for Healthcare

Create compelling patient journeys by modernizing the way you manage healthcare customer interaction data. Personalize ‘Next Best Actions’ to provide better care and increase customer lifetime value.

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As your hospital or healthcare company acquires means to collect more and more patient data, you open up more opportunities to create unified, unique, and unforgettable moments for your customers.

Personalize healthcare journeys in real-time by capturing, analyzing, and activating that customer data with Celebrus CDP. Improve customer experience (CX) by creating seamless experiences: our customer data platform empowers you to locate the data you need, as soon as you need it.

If you’re looking for a healthcare CDP, you need Celebrus CDP. Capture first-party data that complies with GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA and other regulations, stitch customer profiles together across multiple devices and channels, personalize patient journeys and interactions on an individual level, and feed into hundreds of integrated decision and analytics platforms.


Hyper-personalize each patient interaction

When all your patient data - medical records, personal details, every interaction each individual has with your hospital or organization - is de-siloed, you get access to a complete view of each patient. Use that view to make personalize patient journeys at the individual level and at scale.

Celebrus CDP makes it possible to personalize interactions in real-time, in-page, and on a one-to-one basis. Tailor web pages and mobile apps that deliver unforgettable user experiences, by sharing information, resources, and support links to each patient to match their needs.

Collect first-party data and avoid the impact of browser-imposed tracking restrictions like Apple’s ITP protocol. Feed your patient interaction data to Pega, Teradata or another integrated analytics platform of your choice, for instant activation.

Create a ‘Single Patient View’

With Celebrus CDP, you can gain a complete view of your patients. Capture data from every device and channel: your website, mobile and tablet apps, even specialized IoT devices like smartwatch health trackers. Stitch that data together to instantly create a Single Customer View that grants you an intimate understanding of each visitor.

Once you know who you’re talking to, you can serve the Next Best Action to secure conversions. Convert your one-time patients into return visitors when a customer has multiple interactions with a range of your healthcare products, or tailor journeys for your hospital patients even when they’re not logged in!

Manage marketing campaign performance in real-time

Ad campaigns work best when you can access the complete set of analytics, and view it in an easy-to-understand way to review and optimize your marketing efforts in real-time. Celebrus CDP feeds into your analytics platform of choice, giving you access to all your customer data. Use those insights to improve your campaigns and increase click-throughs and conversions.

Use Celebrus CDP to build uniquely detailed attribution models, in order to identify optimization opportunities in the patient lifecycle. Increase ROI on marketing campaigns, and save your money for improving the lives of your patients.

One client saved 10% of their PPC spend by using Celebrus to build full customer lifecycle attribution models. Here's how:

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Uphold strict data privacy and data security

At Celebrus we treat data privacy and data security with equal importance, which is crucial for patients in the healthcare sector.

Ensure patient data capture is ethically compliant: Celebrus CDP always captures data in compliance with data privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA and others. You can mitigate the risks of fines for data and sales non-compliance with Celebrus CDP’s granular data capture, helping you to identify areas for improvement.

On the data security side, we regularly test Celebrus CDP with penetration testing to make sure all your customer data remains secure and fulfill the ISO 27001 information security exacting standards.

Learn more about how Celebrus CDP manages data privacy and compliance.

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Texas Health Resources is now turning to Vantage Customer Experience and Celebrus to connect the digital patient journey and tailor messages, leading to real-time virtualized care with next-best-actions. The virtualized care will expand the area Texas Health Resources may cover, improving access and experience of care.

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