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Celebrus for Insurance

Modernize customer interaction data to create brilliant customer journeys for your insurance products.

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Improve engagement and nail the customer experience across your organization’s digital channels.

Delivering a personalized, differentiated customer experience is crucial as insurers compete for market share. Insurers strive to deliver a highly relevant one-to-one experiences across all digital channels, even when consumers are interfacing with agents instead of the brands themselves. Delivering ‘in-the-moment’, individual-level personalization at scale, and within a highly regulated and security-focused environment can be a significant challenge.

Celebrus eliminates data silos to map complex identity stories and provide the data to leverage real-time decisioning technologies effectively.

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Comprehensive data capture. Full compliance.


Personalize the customer experience

Capture the high-quality interaction data you need to transform insight into desirable customer behaviors with Celebrus.

Collect and contextualize multi-channel experience data and PII across customer journeys to execute sophisticated customer messaging that increases customer engagement and revenue.


Optimize marketing performance

Accurately assess marketing and advertising performance without worrying about data silos or fragmented customer data. Connect applications and PII across platforms to solve the de-centralized data challenges often associated with the agent delivery model.  

Celebrus allows you to build uniquely detailed attribution models to optimize the customer journey and increase ROAS.  


Build robust identity resolution

Understand the intent of each customer and individual digital visit by harnessing Celebrus to capture data across devices and channels from websites, mobile apps, and specialized IoT devices such as vehicle black boxes.

Utilizing data-refined customer identity, insurance organizations can provide frictionless personalized experiences and offers to increase conversions and revenue across insurance products.

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Transform your customer experience with industry-leading digital interaction and identity technology built for insurance.