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Celebrus Bot Detection

Complete data. Advanced machine learning. Unparalleled bot detection.

Detect evolving bots in real time to improve data and reporting, save money, and improve customer experience.

The Celebrus bot detection machine learning model saves you money, improves your data and reporting, and enables you to intervene the moment a bot arrives.

When you understand real human behavior, it’s easy to detect phony bot activity.

As bots continue to advance, traditional bot detection technology can’t keep up. Staying ahead of the bot evolution requires better data and the ability to understand natural customer behavior.

Celebrus advanced bot detection combines signals, biometrics, adaptive machine learning, and comprehensive data models to recognize genuine human behavior in real time. Capturing all user interactions across devices and channels creates a complete customer profile to distinguish between real user behavior versus bot activity.


Improve ROI

Bots account for over 47% of all web traffic. Malicious bots can wreak havoc on your marketing and advertising campaigns and skew analytics, informing decisions based on bad data. Celebrus discerns between bot traffic and human traffic across digital channels to improve data and reporting so you can improve your bottom line.


Intervene in real time

Celebrus ID graph and profile builder maintain consistent customer profiles to compare new behavior and quickly identify bot signals. Data is captured and connected in real time (40 milliseconds) so you can intervene the moment suspicious activity is detected.


Respond on your terms

Some bots are good, and some bots are bad. Knowing the difference enables you to respond with the right actions at the right time. Celebrus gives you the insight you need to trigger and activate customizable behaviors and experiences whenever a bot is detected.


Stay ahead of evolving threats

Future-proof bot detection demands a solution that can instantly identify and mitigate new threats. Traditional bot detection block lists aren't enough. Celebrus bot detection machine learning model leverages AI and continually adapts to stay ahead of evolving bot activities.

Stop guessing between human and bot behavior. Understand consumer behavior across channels and devices to detect and manage bot activity.