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Digital Big Data: Because customers are individuals

The Digital Analytics Handbook

Getting started can be daunting. This handbook takes a “crawl, walk, run” approach to helping you get value from that most critical business asset – Data.

Building Your Omnichannel Data Foundation - This Time it's Personal

Learn how to stay ahead of the competition by developing the granular, long-term data foundation that’s essential to power 1:1 data-driven marketing and digital analytics.

What is Celebrus?

Celebrus collects, contextualises and delivers data about how individuals are behaving across a brand’s digital channels including websites, mobile apps, social and streaming media. 

The tagging-free software streams this online behavioural data in real-time, or near real-time, into the client’s chosen target database or technology. 

Global blue-chip clients use the data captured by Celebrus to deepen their customer knowledge through digital intelligence, uncover hidden insight through big data analytics and power individualisation through contextual marketing. 

Why choose Celebrus?

Celebrus is focussed on delivering the best possible digital customer data:-

  • Fast – real-time (milliseconds) or <60 second data feeds
  • Detailed – individual-level data
  • Multi-channel – website, mobile &  social data
  • Complete – all data captured
  • Easy – tagging-free deployment across all channels
  • Flexible – on-premise or SaaS  options
  • Proven – on >25,000 websites globally

Find out more about the award-winning Celebrus Digital Big Data Software platform.

Who are our clients?

Celebrus’ blue chip clients hail from across the globe and a variety of industries including financial services, retail, automotive, travel and hospitality. 

What they have in common is understanding the importance of their digital channels, the need to be truly customer-centric and an innovative approach to digital and business transformation.

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Why do clients choose Celebrus?

Celebrus is the platform of choice for leading brands for whom customer-centricity is essential to success.  These organisations understand the need to get a complete picture of individual customers across all channels, devices and time. They know their decisions must be driven by deep customer understanding, not the latest trends. They realise the importance of customer insight to numerous parts of their business, including marketing, pricing, product development, finance and more.
They know that to achieve the digital and business transformation required to stay ahead of the competition they need the best possible data foundations.

These are the clients that we work with – and together we win awards.

Who do we partner with?

In the era of "big data" and complex IT infrastructures, Celebrus digital big data software is nearly always part of a larger solution set deployed to help organisations increase their sales, build brand loyalty and optimise their marketing budgets.  

As the breadth of complementary data technologies has grown, so has the Celebrus partner network, giving clients increased flexibility around where to feed their Celebrus data into and the systems that data will power. 

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