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What is Celebrus?

The Celebrus Customer Data Platform creates first party real-time customer profiles at scale by capturing, transforming and delivering data about individuals’ behaviours and experiences across a brand’s channels.

The tagging-free software streams this extraordinary data into the client’s chosen system through pre-built integrations with best of breed customer insight and engagement technologies using Celebrus’ real-time triggers and our extensive and extendable data model.

Why choose Celebrus?

Global blue-chip clients use the Celebrus Customer Data Platform to underpin their customer-centric digital transformation programmes, including deepening their customer insight and delivering seamless omnichannel customer engagement, all in real-time.

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Customer profiles are stitched together across devices, channels and sessions

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The data is captured and delivered in real-time in the most simple way possible

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Experiential and behavioural data is captured

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Data is enriched with context from external sources

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Bespoke triggers and events can be created to drive 1:1 personalisation

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Complete data control for compliance and re-mining

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The tagging-free collection lowers collection costs and increases agility

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Integrates with leading technologies to enhance existing martech stacks

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Extensive, extendable data model handles structured and un-structured data

The CDP captures first party data, both highly detailed behavioural and experiential data. Celebrus then transforms and enriches it to enable the creation of rich and deep contextual understanding of individuals.

Who are our clients?

Celebrus’ blue chip clients hail from across the globe and a variety of industries including financial services, retail, automotive, travel and hospitality.

They are all customer obsessed and understand the importance of taking a customer-centric approach to digital transformation and the essential nature of their digital channels in achieving this. They are delivering seamless, omnichannel experiences based on deep customer insight and find themselves increasingly competing on analytics through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. They are agile, whilst maintaining 100% data control and working at scale. They are excited by the future…and so are we!

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For more information about our clients and to read our case studies.

Data Governance & GDPR

Celebrus is committed to helping organisations meet their data governance and compliance needs in this time of increased regulation, privacy concerns and security threats. With the advent of the European General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR), and the global impact of that legislation as it affects any organisation with European citizens on their database, data control has become even more critical.

Celebrus has developed a world class first party data collection system which, when combined with the in-depth security audits that are regularly undertaken and the optional on-premise deployment, ensures we help clients meet all their data governance needs. We have long supported a range of highly data sensitive organisations including many of the largest and most high profile global financial services companies.

The Celebrus CDP captures customer consent preferences in real-time, seamlessly passing these details through to downstream applications for an up-to-the-minute view of customer permissions.

We understand customers as individuals and our unique technology can assist organisations in responding to the key elements of GDPR on their journey to compliance.

These organisations extend across a wide cross section of demanding regulatory, security and privacy jurisdictions. In addition our parent company, D4t4 Solutions Plc, which underpins many of the operational aspects of the company, has achieved ISO27001 certification in Information Security Standard and PCI DSS accreditation.

Who do we partner with?

In the era of complex marketing technology stacks and innovative niche technologies launched almost daily, Celebrus is tightly integrated with leading edge customer insight and engagement technologies, enabling our clients to orchestrate their data and maximise the value of existing investments in their incumbent technologies.

We work with world-class vendors across our solution: from capturing more data to feed our Customer Data Platform; through using providers to enrich that data and further contextualise it; to deep integrations and pre-built data layers to deliver it into the systems of choice of our clients.

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