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Data Professionals

Celebrus CDP for data scientists

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The power to construct accurate, sophisticated data models using multiple data sources is possible with Celebrus CDP.

Data scientists often wrestle with incomplete, unstructured data, spending more time on data preparation than analyzing or modeling the data they do have. Existing, outdated systems cause these challenges, lacking the capabilities to collect and share data across multiple channels, devices and platforms.

Celebrus CDP provides individual-level behavioral data captured across all your channels and devices to power streaming analytics, data discovery, visualization, and decisioning.


The power to let data guide decisions

Build meaningful data models

Inform your enterprise strategies with sophisticated, multi-source data models that improve segmentation and deepen customer understanding.

Discover the science in your data

Transform your organization from BI and data visualization to true data science and discovery.

Accurately inform key initatives

Power sophisticated, accurate analytical techniques to inform omni-channel customer engagement and CX enhancement.

Bridge data types

Uncover previously hidden insights by bringing together individual level behavioral and transactional data across warehouse and decisioning platforms.

Drive profitability

Understand outcomes with complex modelling capabilities built to inform business systems and ensure profitability is driven throughout the business.

Save time and resources

Focus less on data preparation and spend more of your valuable time analyzing and delivering insight.

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Agile and secure

Celebrus CDP conforms to stringent security and compliance regulations and provides a first-party deployment out-of-the-box (OOTB). 

Tagging-free, the highly scalable customer data platform collects personally identifiable information in accordance with regulatory standards, and maps data across data sets using key identifiers without the need for custom ETL.   


Connections in real-time

Take advantage of the flexibility and freedom to connect Celebrus CDP data in real-time across Cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid-based enterprise systems of choice.

Celebrus CDP can be deployed across various enterprise systems using known connections and through our open API.


“We have over 50 predictive models which, before having Celebrus data, were based on transactional and payment insights. Enriching this with Celebrus data has significantly improved the accuracy of the models from 75% to 93%.”

- Head of Web Analytics, Leading European Retailer

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