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Celebrus CX Vault

Conquer opt-out challenges with Celebrus CX Vault

No tracking, no sharing, no cookies - just pure relevance.

Deploy the only no-party data capture, contextualization, and activation solution built to power engagement regardless of opt-in.

With Celebrus CX Vault, the next big thing is within reach. Businesses are facing new challenges amid the deprecation of third-party cookies and privacy blocking technologies like Apple iOS, while greater pressure is being placed on the value of the consumer experience.

It’s time to leverage the power of real-time contextual understanding to create relevant session-specific, personalized offers and experiences. 


No-party data is the future

Think relevancy and personalization ended with browser restrictions and the deprecation of third-party cookies?

Think again. 

Celebrus CX Vault deploys cutting edge, no-party data technology without tracking, data sharing of any kind, or capturing cookies.  Celebrus enables session-level customization on any web or mobile browser, while still respecting privacy settings.  

Celebrus no-party data is only used to inform the next-best action or offer based on the interactions and context within that session. No information is ever sent to a server.

Give customers the relevancy they crave with the privacy they demand


Activate session-specific insight

Celebrus CX Vault works simultaneously with a brand’s website to recognize session-specific contextual patterns and sequences. Activate that insight to guide in-browser messaging for a more customized experience at the session level.  


Session-based relevancy by design

Be relevant to the consumer at that very moment. Celebrus CX Vault only activates session context data, reassessing consumer relevancy each time they visit. This provides the ultimate session-specific, real-time customization. 


Respect browser and privacy restrictions

Allow visitors to remain anonymous while capturing and analyzing contextual patterns in-the-moment to personalize in-session experience. 

Deliver complete customer anonymity AND relevant experiences with Celebrus CX Vault