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Provide relevancy to anonymous and privacy-focused consumers

The consumer/brand relationship has shifted. Consumers are more in control than ever before - and it's proving challenging for brands. You're balancing the need to ensure you're meeting high expectations for a personalized customer experience, while honoring individual privacy and consent choices. 

It's time to put the power back in your hands. Leverage real-time contextual understanding to create relevant session-specific, personalized offers and experiences, regardless of cookie deprecation, opt-outs, and privacy-focused browser restrictions.

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Overcome the opt-out and win the CX game


Experience special pricing and perks

68% of adults won't openly share their online data - leading to a massive gap in how you market to your customers. It's time to put the experience back in your brand's hands.

We’re offering a special incentive to early adopters of CX Vault – and that means YOU! The power of brand experiences may have shifted to the customer, but this is your chance to reclaim what data opt-outs shut down.

Overcome the opt-out now, not 6 or 12 months down the road. The customer experience deserves better - don't let privacy restrictions and privacy-focused browsers wreck your strategy.

No tracking, no sharing, no cookies.

Enable session-level customization on any web or mobile browser, regardless of privacy settings or privacy consent with the cutting edge, no-party data technology of Celebrus CX Vault.  

Leverage in-session insight

Recognize session-specific contextual patterns and sequences on a brand's website with Celebrus CX Vault. Guide in-browser messaging for a more customized experience at the session level. 

Deliver session-based relevancy

Real relevancy, in real-time. The ultimate in session-specific, real-time customization, Celebrus CX Vault works by activating session context insight, reassessing consumer relevancy with each visit.

Respect consumer privacy

Adhere to consumer consent and allow visitors to remain anonymous, analyzing contextual patterns in-the-moment to personalize in-session experiences. 

The only capture, contextualization, and activation solution built to power engagement regardless of opt-in.