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Celebrus API Connector

Connect data. Connect your business.

Celebrus API Connector (2)

Leverage the most open connectivity in the market today with the Celebrus API no-code interface.

Data is only valuable if you have the capacity to use it.

Integrating data across multiple technologies can be difficult as organizations often face latency challenges coupled with high implementation and management costs. Out-of-the-box APIs are merely a construct that requires coding, customization, and extensive maintenance.

The no-code Celebrus open-API technology simplifies these challenges at scale. The Celebrus API Connector generates necessary code to create a fully functional API, which can be quickly implemented and tested, enabling high value use cases to be fully operational within moments.

Celebrus reduces data management costs in the first year by 70-80% on average by providing open connectivity to any system in that systems’ native format.


Collect once, use many

The Celebrus ‘capture once, use many’ ethos provides a published, extensible data model for seamless integration with downstream applications.

Leverage Celebrus to unlock the potential of MarTech investments starved for better data.


Increase data accuracy

A single source of truth for digital data is essential to accuracy and efficiency across MarTech and business systems.

First-party, real-time data collected by Celebrus’ comprehensive data technology aggregates data across channel and device to automatically create a complete customer view from anonymous to known.


Contextualize across platforms

Celebrus  deploys artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing embedded in the product to capture and contextualize data across platforms.

Realize more value from your data with the most open connectivity available today.