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Head of Analytics

Celebrus for Analytics Leaders

Celebrus Head of Analytics-1

Celebrus provides analytics teams with the real-time omni-channel data they need to properly optimize decisioning tools.

Serve consumers the personalized experiences they expect while also creating the necessary reporting and campaign performance analysis frameworks teams need.

Experience freedom from incomplete data stories and fragmented existing technologies. Do more than just “have the data,” with the ability to properly contextualize and activate complete data sets to truly understand the customer.


Complex architecture. Simple solution.

Enhance segmentation and modeling

Develop sophisticated models, predictive analytics models, and behavioral segmentation that informs real-time decisioning applications.

Dive deeper with cloud-ready reporting

Reimagine digital reporting and data science sandboxes with the cloud-ready, robust OOTB Celebrus data model.

Build accurate attribution models

Achieve proper attribution with the Celebrus identity framework. Optimize marketing investments by bridging complete data across business units.

Enable powerful analytics

Enhance customer retention, acquisition, and lifetime value with enriched, real-time data to power streaming analytics and decisioning across all digital channels.

Uncover latent demand

Understand consumer behaviors captured through browsing, search, and basket behaviors across platforms and devices.

Deepen customer understanding

Create a comprehensive single customer view to understand and enhance customer pathways by identify stopgaps and optimize success.


“We have over 50 predictive models which, before having Celebrus data, were based on transactional and payment insights. Enriching this with Celebrus data, has significantly improved the accuracy of the models from 75% to 93%.”

- Head of Web Analytics, Leading European Retailer

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