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Celebrus & Adobe

The partnership that accelerates value

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Adobe Experience Cloud puts consumer interest at the heart of marketing activities for some of the world’s largest organizations.

Celebrus amplifies the power of Adobe Experience Cloud by capturing compliant, individual-level behavior and experience data in the simplest way possible. These detailed real-time insights are used to create complete customer profiles and connect with leading decision engines to activate the data, achieving true one-to-one personalization while maintaining control of risk and total cost of ownership.

Celebrus provides on-premises, cloud, and hybrid options with a unified stream of data that ensures consistency across all connected applications. The Celebrus technology eliminates tagging from data capture, slashing the cost of data acquisition while improving the detail and quality of that data.

Maximize Adobe Experience Cloud with powerhouse tools built to capture and contextualize data in real-time.


Reduce risk and maintain compliance

The Celebrus consent management interface provides a legal basis for processing, used dynamically to control customer data flows, ensuring only GDPR compliant data is connected with Adobe. With Celebrus’ true first-party data collection solution, you never have to worry about changes to compliance or PII regulations – third-party party cookie blocking is no longer an issue.


Generate comprehensive customer identities

By immediately and automatically stitching together all data for all sessions, both current and historic, Celebrus creates highly granular profiles for known and anonymous visitors. This means you can easily manage customer identity across channels to drive real value and positive customer experiences.


Amplify with hyper-personalization

Celebrus customer profiles can also be activated when combined with Adobe-derived data and streamed into tightly integrated systems of insight and engagement.

Facilitate genuine one-to-one marketing and personalization by providing a connection between Adobe and leading decisioning systems like SAS, Teradata, and Pega to deliver next-best actions in milliseconds, across every digital channel.


Enhance Adobe with the power of Celebrus

Manage Consent
Eliminate tagging
Identify individual customers
Connect Adobe Experience Cloud with real-time next-best actions
Enable complete control of your data
Reduce risk and total cost of ownership

Take Adobe Experience Cloud to the next level with the superior data technology of Celebrus