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Turn raw data into actionable insight

Automate the intake, integration, transformation, and delivery of customer data effectively with Celebrus Cloud.

Unseen, unused data costs organizations millions in time and revenue.

Celebrus Cloud automates customer data processing across relevant data sources, on-premises or cloud, to deliver real-time customer and regulatory analytics.

Celebrus provides a comprehensive, consolidated, and controlled view of customer data, so you have complete access to real-time data whenever, and in whatever system, you need it.

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Scale faster with a secure data management system

Action Raw Data

Experience open access to connection, not siloed data, to action data – not just manage it. Utilize comprehensive data sets and views to make data-driven decisions for your business.

See the full picture

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets – bring together all your data, from on-premises and cloud sources, into a single platform. Celebrus’ extensive, yet flexible data modeling system easily adapts to your exact requirements.

Outpace the competition

Provide uniquely brilliant customer experiences with personal, relevant offers delivered in the moment with instant access to real-time data.

Manage data securely

Increase productivity and performance by creating environments that can scale. Celebrus’ Data Deletion Alert Manager helps you ensure no information is left behind.

Build trust - don't compromise

Tailor experiences and views with a 360-degree view of the customer, while protecting consumer privacy. Manage consent across device and channel by sharing opted-in data only.

Compliance made easy

Cut the time it takes to handle compliance and governance to minutes. Achieving and demonstrating compliance becomes easy, even for the most complex regulatory environments.


Enhance your information architecture

Leverage Celebrus to lessen the burden of running and completing data analytics by effectively aggregating your customer data in one location.


Modernize your hardware and systems to save data scientists hundreds of hours with Celebrus’ flexible and extensive data models.


Reduce maintenance costs

Lower costs by consolidating data management to one system, freeing resources to act on valuable insight versus maintaining systems.


Deploy ideal data governance

Break down silos by gathering data on one platform - governance is easier with instantly accessible and manageable data.

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Scale effortlessly with a data management infrastructure that puts your organization in the driver’s seat.