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Helping a top 5 global bank solve its business intelligence challenges



cost savings


YoY reduction in TCO


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About the customer

This leading global bank serves more than 160 countries across the world, with a mission to serve as a trusted partner to their clients.

Use Cases

  • Consolidate fragmented analytics
  • Mitigate compliance risk
  • Improve customer experience


The bank faced impending regulatory fines for outdated support on fragmented analytics environments, and crippling technology performance from legacy infrastructure.

In addition, the user experience was poor due to thinly stretched platform support, combined with rising support costs and skills churn.

The bank was looking for a total solution to address all of their analytics issues.






annual revenue



The bank deployed a rapidly available analytics appliance that consolidated their scattered analytics environments and simplified ongoing management. They also implemented a compliance risk mitigation plan by having a fully supported and up-to-date environment. 

By implementing a jointly agreed SLA, the bank ensured the right skill sets for support and enablement were made available under contract.

In combining the best of Celebrus Cloud and SAS analytics, the global bank revolutionized performance with a future-ready solution that will scale in line with their own growth.



By implementing the combined solution, the bank was able to greatly reduce their risk, returning millions of dollars in capital back to the bank with improved regulatory performance and accuracy. These improvements also enhanced the bank’s stability, strength, and reputation.

The consolidation and de-fragmentation of their analytics environments led to performance improvements of up to 500x across various analytics and data management application areas. Improved collaboration between IT and LOBs is enhancing relationships and increasing organizational effectiveness.

With their new, scalable analytics solution the bank was able to cut costs by over $10 Million and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 60% year over year.