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Celebrus for Banking and Finance

Innovative Fraud & Scam Prevention for Financial Services

Combine industry-leading first-party data capture with cutting-edge behavioral biometrics capabilities to prevent financial fraud and scams.

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Complete identity and behavioral biometric data to protect your clients – and your business.

Without the proper data to accurately authenticate users, banks are left with a partial view of their customer, leading to false positives, friction in the customer experience and inadequate fraud prevention systems.

Capture all interactions and biometric data at an individual level, while building a complete history across channel and device. Turn that data into evidence to mitigate risk by shifting from fraud management to true fraud prevention.

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Celebrus for banking and finance


Identify fraudulent patterns

As scams and fraud become increasingly more complex, financial institutions must stay a step ahead to identify repeatable patterns undertaken by fraudsters.

Celebrus captures first-party identity data, profiling individual digital interactions and inputs. Allowing financial institutions to follow the data trail, Celebrus uncovers compromised identities and alerts systems to the use of high-risk data.


Persist identity and know your customer

Banks and financial services companies have built their business on client relationships. As interactions continue to be digitally focused, the use of outdated, limited solutions expose risk to clients and the financial institution.

The real-time, first-party data capture and contextualization capabilities of Celebrus persists identity across the entire customer journey – all channels, devices, and interactions. Banks can truly know their customer and identify evolving threats before they become a problem.


Supplement existing fraud infrastructure

Existing fraud infrastructures lack complete, real-time data stories to tackle fraud prevention. Instead, they focus on fraud management and forensic timelines associated with financial crimes.

The complete data capture of Celebrus FDP augments these systems in true real-time, bridging data gaps with instantly available contextualized data across existing systems. Celebrus FDP enables full-cycle prevention and management of fraud and scams.

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