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Celebrus Identity Graph

Rely on the power of digital identity to make crucial fraud decisions


KYC: Persist first-party identity across channel, domain, device, and over time to solve for all fraud types.

Celebrus provides the industry’s only out-of-the-box, comprehensive first-party Identity Graph for fraud prevention. You own and control all the data with full compliance and visibility.

Celebrus features complete user identity management and enhanced digital interaction insight to provide a 360-degree customer view.  


Most fraud solutions lack the capability to identify or recall PII or context over multiple user interactions and across digital channels or platforms due to cookie challenges, browser restrictions, and data encryption requirements. As a result, organizations struggle to create a full identity view that can be used across the organization to prevent fraud.


With connected, compliant data capture, organizations can stitch users together across channel, session, device, and time for a full identity view – and say goodbye to silos forever. Doing all of this within milliseconds means the organization can see what’s happening NOW, in real-time, enabling instant decisions for intervention - instead of looking back at what already happened.


The Celebrus Identity Graph

The Celebrus identity framework layers a first-party identity graph, complete with various 1st, 2nd, and third-party identifiers, on top of the Celebrus data model. Combined with the Celebrus Profile Builder, Celebrus offers the most comprehensive and accurate Identity solution in the marketplace today.  


The first-party, real-time approach of the Celebrus identity graph enables identification of channel visitors within milliseconds, ensuring decisioning systems have the data needed to identify visitors and validate transactions, regardless of user authentication. Go beyond what happened in a single moment – Celebrus informs fraud prevention with complete history and context combined with real-time behavioral insights and risk signals.  


When you know who your customers know who they're not.

Overcome fraud challenges and protect the customer experience with real-time fraud prevention

From anonymous to known and everything in between, only Celebrus can manage identity by ensuring digital data is captured, connected and activated in milliseconds - while ensuring full regulatory compliance.


Neutralize fraud in real-time

Every one of your fraud teams is using different technologies to detect and manage fraud – and each of these have models that can benefit from the level of data Celebrus provides.


The power of Celebrus enables real-time connections across existing fraud systems, using and improving the outcome of existing fraud models, reducing false positives, uncovering more fraud, and enabling intervention before the fraud takes place. 


Identify and authenticate users based on behavior

Individuals exhibit unique behaviors – whether legitimate or not. Behavioral biometrics like swipe direction, typing speed, and push pressure provide valuable data to enhance scoring models.


Celebrus captures behavioral biometrics data and layers it on top of our robust identity graph for an even clearer picture of identity. Leveraging connected data fuels detailed individual profiles of known legitimate and deceptive behaviors to identify fraudulent behavior in real-time.


Eliminate silos for comprehensive fraud prevention

In a typical organization, every fraud type has a different system, and none of them share the data. Celebrus breaks down data silos via a single source of truth for identity and contextualization. Celebrus captures the data from all these systems and compiles it to find patterns and provide full transparency. Celebrus can also intervene in real-time because it’s embedded directly within the website or app.


Immune to browser restrictions

A true first-party fraud defense solution, Celebrus is unaffected by browser restrictions and high-risk data transfer. The organization controls all their own data, within their own infrastructure, so robust identity profiles can be created leveraging PII, behavioral data, and link analysis.   


Celebrus persists profiles for anonymous browsers, merging anonymous and authenticated profiles as the Celebrus identity graph connects and matches identifiers. No more fraudsters slipping through the cracks. 


Full ownership for full transparency

Fraud systems from other vendors use a black-box approach that makes unifying identity impossible. Not only does this prohibit real-time intervention, it means all you get is a score with no context - and no ability to leverage the data across the organization.


The Celebrus identity graph facilitates fraud prevention for all types – from RAT fraud to scams to application fraud and APP scams, providing a single source of truth and a depth of data that delivers better results and full accountability.

Verify and understand user behavior across channels, devices, and domains to persist identity for comprehensive real-time fraud prevention.