Single Customer View: Understand your customers better

Obtain powerful insights into all customer interactions. Celebrus CDP unifies and contextualizes all data into a single customer view, empowering you with the understanding you need to deliver unforgettable customer experiences.

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When customers browse your website, interact with an ad, or read reviews, they are already forming crucial opinions about your business that will influence their purchase decisions. First impressions count: just as they do face-to-face, they’re everything when it comes to attracting, understanding, and building trust with your customers.

Celebrus CDP makes connecting with your customers simple. We capture every interaction, creating a 360° view of customer data that helps you understand each customer on an individual level. Tailor user journeys to leave a lasting impression, and create legendary sales experiences which drive conversions.

Empower your team with the tools they need to access and understand your most valuable asset: Your customer data.

Celebrus CDP enables you to profile, analyze, segment, and model your customers and their intent: then use that information to automate decisions and run the perfect marketing campaigns.


Create a single customer view

Customers interact with your brand across many touchpoints, using many devices. This can make keeping up with every single interaction a struggle. And even if capturing this data is possible, the wide range of data sources means that customer data is usually stored in silos across many disconnected systems.

Our CDP provides a unified customer view, capturing first-party behavioral and experience data for marketing and customer engagement campaigns. This combines seamlessly with offline data, CRM records, transaction records, and third-party data to create truly enriched, comprehensive profiles.

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Build the perfect user journey

Customers want their experience with your brand to be connected and seamless. They expect you to know who they are and anticipate what they’re looking for, without having to repeat or clarify their needs.

This profile is enriched with Celebrus CDP’s embedded Machine Learning (ML) and text analytics technology to provide insights into customer intent. You can also augment it with corporate data as well as second and third party data, if required. This enables you to understand your customers better, and allows you to optimize customer journeys to deliver exciting experiences that boost engagement, deepen loyalty, and increase revenues.

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Talk to your customers as individuals

If you want to give customers an offer they can't refuse, you need to understand their needs and preferences. By using machine learning technology, intent signals and data can be automatically captured to help you gain deeper insights without any additional effort from your team.

By understanding the motivations behind customer actions, you can deliver compelling, tailored offers that your customers cannot resist.

And it’s more than just simple data capture. Use Celebrus CDP to model customer behavior to help you understand the effects of your marketing campaigns, measuring, and identifying potential improvements throughout the entire process, from attribution through to conversion.

Data from every interaction is captured once and can be used as many times as needed to deliver personalized experiences at scale across all digital channels.

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With Celebrus CDP, you’ll never question how to understand your customers again.

If you want to know more about how Celebrus CDP can fit into your organization and boost your customer understanding, get in touch now.

You can learn more about how to use Celebrus CDP to personalize your marketing and create engaging customer experiences here:

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