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Single Customer View

Know your customers on a one-to-one basis

Celebrus Single Customer View

Unify and contextualize data into a single customer view to empower unforgettable customer experiences.

Powerful insights into all customer interactions to personalize digital marketing efforts in real-time.

Customers form crucial opinions about your business as they browse your website, interact with an ad, or read reviews. These experiences matter – they attract and build confidence for your customers, ultimately influencing their purchase decisions.

Celebrus makes connecting with your customers simple.

With the power to capture every interaction, Celebrus creates a 360° view of customer data that helps you understand each customer on an individual level. Tailor user journeys to leave a lasting impression and create legendary sales experiences that drive conversions.

Empower your team with the tools they need to access and understand your most valuable asset: your customer data.

Celebrus enables you to profile, analyze, segment, and model your customers and their intent, then use that information to automate decisions and run effective marketing campaigns.


Create a single customer view

Customers interact with your brand across many touchpoints and devices. Keeping up with every single interaction can be a struggle. And even if capturing this data is possible, the wide range of data sources means customer data is usually stored in silos across multiple disconnected systems.

Celebrus provides a unified customer view, capturing first-party behavioral and experience data for marketing and customer engagement campaigns. Create truly enriched, comprehensive profiles by combining Celebrus one-to-one views with offline data, CRM records, transaction records, and third-party data.


Build the perfect user journey

Customers expect experiences that are connected and seamless. They want to be known and for businesses to anticipate what they’re looking for, without having to repeat or clarify their needs.

Enrich profiles with customer intent insights using Celebrus' embedded Machine Learning (ML) and text analytics technology, augmented with additional data sets, if required.


Interact with individual customers

By using machine learning technology, intent signals and data can be automatically captured to help you gain deeper insights without any additional effort from your team. By understanding customer motivations, you can deliver compelling, tailored offers that your customers can't resist.


Create models that drive efficacy

Use Celebrus to model customer behavior to help you understand the effects of your marketing campaigns, measuring and identifying potential improvements throughout the entire process from attribution through to conversion.

Data from every interaction is captured once and can be used as many times as needed to deliver personalized experiences at scale across all digital channels.

Go beyond simple data capture and never question how to understand your customers again.