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Chief Marketing Officers

Celebrus for Digital Marketing Leaders

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Effectively leverage first-party data to transform the customer experience across all channels and devices and build efficiencies in the marketing process.

Stand out with the ability to drive marketing functions with data-driven decisions. Eliminate the siloed, disconnected data inferior technologies collect to serve relevant experiences and offers to consumers.

Celebrus collects 100% of all digital interaction data across multiple platforms and device types, backed by an extensible data model that eliminates data gaps while providing the context needed to drive actionable results.


Capabilities that transform marketing decisions

Reach many, target one

Create detailed digital profiles of every customer at scale as you connect digital behavioral data with additional data sources across your organization.

Transform the customer experience

Turn insight into engagement. Power next-best actions across all digital channels based on customer interest, experience optimization, and Celebrus machine learning.

Accurately map customer journeys

Celebrus identifies 100% of the digital journey to expose “dead zones” often hidden by outdated technology and siloed data.

Optimize marketing investment

Campaign performance is only part of the equation. Maintain a complete profile of your consumers, anonymous or known, to truly understand your customer and accurately measure marketing results.

Power decisioning engines

Feed your MarTech stack the entire story. Flexible data connection options, powered by an open API connector, allow your organization to easily activate real-time, contextualized, enriched data in the format you need it.

Deliver better leads

Be a better partner by providing greater insight to the sales organization through stronger conversions. Sort, grade, and deliver online leads for enhanced sales efficiency with Celebrus.


“Celebrus provides detailed context to a customer journey, uncovering far more about the customer and the route to conversion.”

- Marketing Web Analyst, Centraal Beheer Achmea

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