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Increase retail customer acquisition and drive repeat purchases with data-driven hyper-personalization

Deliver relevant, timely, one-to-one experiences for both known and unknown visitors.


Convert one-time purchasers into high-value customers and maximize returns on repeat visitors

Marketing attribution and personalization are critical to retail success but capturing and contextualizing high-quality data in real-time can be a challenge. Broad segmentation and best-guess approaches simply don’t work.


Celebrus' innovative solution delivers high-quality interaction data to leverage customer behavior and preference insights in true real-time, from any channel, from websites to loyalty apps. Strong identity profiles and detailed data provides visibility into the products your customers are interested in at an individual level. Millisecond connections to decisioning solutions enables retailers to reach out to each customer with a highly relevant offer or call to action ‘in the moment’ on the channel they prefer.

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Celebrus for Retail


Power customer loyalty with real-time data

Go beyond the checkout page to understand price sensitivity, preferences, and opportunities. Celebrus captures comprehensive interaction data that connects to enterprise decisioning solutions within milliseconds to enable seamless, highly relevant experiences for every individual.


Put your customers first with data-driven customer service and personalized suggestions. Real-time data feeds the entire organization - from addressing website errors and streamlining the checkout process, to analyzing price sensitivity and rescuing abandoned sessions.


One-to-one hyper-personalization

Understand customer intent to improve customer experience with one-to-one personalization at scale. Digital event streams and machine learning identify opportunity and intent signals for smart decisioning, while comprehensive data illuminates the customer journey. 


Celebrus unifies omnichannel customer data to power analytics and build detailed customer profiles. User interactions are automatically stitched together over time and across channels, sites, sessions, and devices for all your brands. No more data silos!


Improve marketing ROI

Truly understand your customers to deliver highly targeted, in-the-moment offers to individuals, rather than the broad segment approach of other solutions. Understand how customers interact with your digital content and gain accurate vision into actions across channels and devices with multi-touch attribution models and marketing intel. Accurate intent prediction enables your enterprise to make the right decision in real-time, every time. 


True real-time, actionable intent signals

Celebrus captures comprehensive, lightweight, highly structured interaction data to provide visibility into the products and services your customers are interested in at an individual level. Key signals of opportunity or threat are connected to enterprise decisioning solutions within milliseconds to enable a seamless and highly relevant experience for every individual.


Secure and compliant data capture

Leading enterprises choose Celebrus for our data security and control capabilities. Our intuitive interface controls data collection in real-time and conforms to customer consent changes. Celebrus also offers the leading data platform for fraud detection & prevention. Unimpacted by restrictions faced by others, we’re in full compliance with evolving regulations.

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