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Global airline generates $millions in revenue using data


A global airline was focused on growing revenue, with pricing a key lever in total revenue generated. The lack of data and insight into factors affecting price sensitivity for key customer segments was holding them back.


Celebrus was selected to provide detailed online browsing and booking data, enabling pricing models to be optimized by understanding behaviors affecting price sensitivity such as searches for fixed arrival date/time and sorting by flight time. Celebrus captures all pricing factors such as class booked, ancillaries browsed, dates, routes, etc. and compiles flight booking session data to show instances where expensive fares are selected over cheaper fares.

Celebrus provides detailed data for the whole visit, even when a booking isn’t made, and can also snap data to offline customer profiles and booking history. Over 100 events and 500 attributes are made available in real-time.



  • Pricing optimized for individual bookings
  • Increased revenue per customer
  • Higher utilization of flight capacity


revenue generated per year for every $1 fare increase


incremental revenue generated

$Millions in new revenue with Celebrus


This global airline did it, and you can too!

Celebrus is the radical data solution that uncovers the deepest insight to reveal true customer context and identity - with a single line of code!

Finally solve gaps in data capture, identity, and connectivity to elevate your marketing and personalization and explode revenue.

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