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Innovating the way communications providers leverage customer data

Deliver personalized, highly relevant offers to increase CX and revenue. 


Capture market share by delivering a highly differentiated customer experience across all digital channels

High-quality interaction data transforms customer behavior and preferences into actionable real-time insights. Leverage contextual data for enhanced customer visibility and understanding, while using intelligent signals to identify behavior that indicates sales opportunities or threats.


Detailed, highly structured Celebrus data provides visibility into the products your customers are interested in at an individual level and connects to decisioning solutions within milliseconds to suggest next-best-actions before a page loads. Reach out to each customer with a highly relevant offer or call to action in-the-moment on the channel they’re already interacting with.

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Celebrus for Communications


Real-time hyper-personalization with actionable intent signals

Celebrus captures comprehensive, lightweight, highly structured interaction data to provide visibility into the products and services your customers are interested in at an individual level.

Key signals of opportunity or threat are connected to enterprise decisioning solutions within milliseconds to enable a seamless and highly relevant experience for every individual.


Amplify marketing ROI

Truly understand your customers to deliver highly targeted, in-the-moment offers to individuals, rather than the broad segment approach of other solutions. Understand how customers interact with your digital content and gain accurate vision into actions across channels and devices with multi-touch attribution models and marketing intel. Accurate intent prediction enables your enterprise to make the right decision in real-time, every time. 


Improve customer experience and retention

Improve customer experience with omnichannel one-to-one personalization at scale. Digital event streams and machine learning identify opportunity and intent signals for smart decisioning, while our intuitive interface controls data collection and conforms to customer consent changes in real-time. 


Power customer identity with real-time data

Unify cross-channel customer data to power analytics and build detailed customer profiles. User interactions are automatically stitched together over time, across channels, sessions, and devices.


Celebrus captures all customer interactions, from behavior to biometrics, then stitches the data into one comprehensive profile. Unimpacted by restrictions faced by others, we’re in full compliance with evolving regulations.


Celebrus has helped us improve the customer experience by enabling more targeted marketing campaigns and greater levels of personalization.

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