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Celebrus builds better relationships between consumers and brands.

Effortlessly build a comprehensive understanding of every visitor - from anonymous to known and everything in between!

INTRODUCING: Celebrus Digital Analytics! Built for marketers. Loved by compliance.

Explore the Celebrus suite of data-driven solutions

Data capture

First-party data capture, contextualization, and activation in true live-time with Celebrus.

Fraud & scams

True fraud prevention with advanced data modeling and signals, enhanced by behavioral biometrics with Celebrus.

Data management

Customer data automation infrastructures built to scale with Celebrus Cloud.

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The right tools to make your data work for you


Deliver a better experience

Celebrus captures and aggregates data throughout the consumer journey - across device, domain, platform, and business technologies. Without the use of tagging or reliance on third-party cookies, Celebrus creates a complete one-to-one identity map, enables PII tracking, and delivers real-time interaction management.

Serve hyper-personalized, meaningful experiences with comprehensive first-party data capture and live-time activation from Celebrus.


Focus on fraud prevention

Leverage extensive data capture and behavioral biometric data. Deploy time series anomaly detection and sense and trace capabilities across the entire customer journey to lower false positives and intervene before the fraud occurs.

The world’s most advanced, comprehensive fraud solution, Celebrus works with existing fraud structures to augment functionality and turn passive fraud management into active fraud prevention.


Build infrastructures that work

Effectively aggregate and action raw customer data with effective infrastructures built to scale with your organization. Celebrus Cloud modernizes hardware and systems to save data scientists countless hours, reducing the burden of data analysis and regulatory analytics.


Create environments that support the one-to-one tailored experiences consumers expect, with personal, relevant offers delivered in-the-moment with instant access to real-time data.

Trusted by leading global enterprises

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Maximize your data's value with the innovative Celebrus suite of data-driven solutions.