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Celebrus & Quantexa

Fight fraud with the most complete partnership

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The Celebrus and Quantexa partnership is simply: better together – a complete fraud prevention and detection system.

Together, the two connect all known threat data with detailed behavior data to drive mission critical, in-the-moment decisions to effectively intervene before fraud takes place.

This closed loop offering is unique in the market and creates a compelling proposition that powers better fraud detection with the ability to address and intervene, in real-time, when new threats are encountered.

Combine Celebrus’ award-winning behavioral biometrics capabilities with the power of Quantexa’s fraud analytics.


Boost investigations and preventative interventions

Feed first-party identity graph data across digital channels to capture and reveal new insight necessary to catch criminals before fraud or scams take place.


Detect malicious attacks

Collect and leverage behavioral biometrics to identify account takeover attempts and detect mule accounts.

Build complex analytics models based on real-time fraud signals to understand behavior and set trip wires on known fraudsters to uncover complex fraud networks.


Intervene across journey

Monitor customer journeys to set triggers that recognize and react to display customer warnings to assist with the prevention of a range of scams such as romance fraud, investment fraud, or business email compromise.

Provide customers with better tools to proactively assess and prevent risks as they occur in-the-moment.


Experience greater insight

Enrich fraud data by combining billions of records from internal and external data sources with real-time behavioral insights to create a 360-degree customer view.

Create dynamic relationship views to reveal connections between people and organizations that matter most to detect and prevent fraud.


Capture and action fraud data in real-time

360-customer view with real-time biometric profiling
Prioritize visibility to high-risk people, businesses, channels, and losses
Uncover, follow, and action activity across known mule accounts
Connect unlinked and unseen fraud risks
Automatically discount non-fraudulent events and reduce false positives
Activate existing fraud management systems through open and direct integrations

Reclaim control over fraud loss with the partnership built specifically to detect and prevent fraud.