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Sense and Trace

Unleash your digital watchdog

Celebrus Sense and Trace-1

Persist first-party identity to follow fraudulent mule account activities on an individual level – and strike when custom alarms are triggered.

Celebrus Sense and Trace is comprised of two components:

  1. Identity Search
    Celebrus Identity Search traces compromised identities to mule accounts and beyond to uncover additional compromised accounts and identities.

  2. Trip Wire
    Set a trigger-based alarm with Celebrus Trip Wire to notify fraud systems and teams when known mule accounts are used across the business.

Reduce false positives

Boosting your capabilities to discover compromised identities across your digital channels means also deploying tools to recognize legitimate customers and their actions.

Celebrus Sense and Trace utilizes the Celebrus first-party identity graph to profile PII and interactions across digital channels to discern valid vs. fraudulent identities.


Safeguard customer dollars – and yours

Fraudulent transactions in 2020 equated to more than $10B among US banks, while customers reported personal losses of over $5.8B.

Built to catch the fraudster before the fraud, Sense and Trace safeguards dollars by alerting systems and departments in real-time to act in response to high-risk activities and data as the fraud is attempted – not hours or days later.

Get the upper hand. Stop scams and fraud before they occur – not after you realize a loss.