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Celebrus for Paid Media

Conquer paid media optimization once and for all

with comprehensive first-party behavioral data that informs.

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Activate the power of intelligent first-party data capture to boost paid media campaign optimization. Realize up to a 40% savings on ad spend while increasing ROAS.

Serve the right ad to the right person at the right time with the power of intelligent first-party data capture. Celebrus deploys compliant, first-party technology to capture, collect, and contextualize the behavioral insights necessary to power robust audience segmentation – and ensure your ad dollars are spent efficiently, effectively, and legitimately.

Forget third-party cookie data. The tagging-free, first-party technology of Celebrus delivers the data you need to deliver relevant ads to authenticated, interested parties with intent signals set by your team - instead of the arbitrary parameters established by an advertising vendor. Increase ad conversion across the buyer’s journey with greater insight to fill data gaps and map complex identity stories.

Serve smarter experiences with Celebrus


Rely on your own data - not third-party cookies

Gone are the days of worrying about third-party data tracking restrictions, tagging visibility or data silos. A true first-party solution, Celebrus is deployed within client-controlled environments for complete organizational ownership. Unlike systems bound by browser-imposed limits on third-party, cookie-based tracking, Celebrus is tagging-free and ensures adherence to regulations at both the browser and legislative levels.

Connect pertinent information across technologies to fully understand attribution – from acquisition to intent, reach, and performance.


Score engagement. Build targeted audiences.

Build complex automated scoring mechanisms to understand and interpret consumer intent.

Leverage dynamic triggers within the Celebrus Personalization Connector to integrate and connect across advertising vendors to automatically segment and manage audiences based on engagement.


Bid and serve ads with the greatest chance of conversion

Utilize robust, individual identity stories across websites and apps with Celebrus data to inform campaigns, enhance targeting, and reduce expenditures. Devote budget to ads that convert, reducing sales acquisition costs and increasing consumer interest and loyalty.

With deep insight into consumer intent, relevant and meaningful advertising becomes a path to greater customer experience. Serve the needs of consumers with relevant, helpful offers versus generic advertising that encourages actions based on implied keywords or third-party segmentation.


Be informed - build on past experiences

Serve relevant, intent-driven advertisements to consumers based on the knowledge of previous interfaces and experiences.

Insight into known individual interactions across corporate websites and apps drives next-best paid media actions. With Visibility Detection from Celebrus , true CTR and conversion rates inform astute advertising investments. Continue the marketing story already presented with subsequent thematic messaging based on previous interactions.


Leverage accurate attribution to inform campaign optimization

Your campaigns are only as good as the data that feeds them.

Most attribution models are basic at best, relying on third-party cookies and vague parameters like page load to assume an ad was seen. They don’t account for technical issues, user actions, or ad placement. Celebrus captures precise comprehensive behavioral and technical information to provide legitimate, true visibility metrics you can rely on – from acquisition to intent, reach, and performance.

Optimize paid media with the first-party data you need to inform audience segments and next-best actions with Celebrus.