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Behavioral Biometrics

Capture and authenticate users based on behavior

Celebrus Behavioral Biometrics-1

Detect fraud across the entire customer journey.


Know your customer

Combine the power of comprehensive first-party Identity technology and complete identity insight, with the addition of behavioral attributes and signals. Correctly identify fraudulent activities and users based on known behaviors, actions, and PII.

Focused on building a complete view of every customer, the Celebrus identity graph enables identification of channel visitors in real-time, within milliseconds, ensuring decisioning systems have the insight needed to validate transactions and users – regardless of authentication.


Score behaviors in real-time

Effortlessly build custom analytics models and link across data structures and platforms currently utilized within your organization's existing tech stack.

Leverage connected data to create individual detailed profiles of known legitimate and fraudulent behaviors. Based on behavioral biometrics like swipe direction, typing speed, or push pressure, build scoring models using real-time data to detect and prevent fraud such as account opening and take over to catch the fraudster before the fraud.


Uncover hidden data patterns

Recognize fraud before it occurs by discovering hidden data patterns such as login failures, DDoS attacks, username or password harvesting, application failures, and bot attacks.

Turn action into identity

Understand intent with deeper customer insight based on behavioral traits and analyses. Discover more accurate fraud detection and lower false positives.


Authenticate users based on behavior and uncover hidden data patterns to predict their next move.