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Key takeaways

  • Why a first-party ID graph out-delivers against third-party solutions
  • How first-party ID graphs eliminate silos, persist and connect identity faster, and deliver real-time insights
  • Why first-party ID graphs can deliver a detailed picture of customer journeys across domains, sessions, brands, and channels
  • How to leverage first-party ID graphs to enable real-time hyper-personalization and drastically improve your CX game

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Private ID graphs to get ahead of third-party cookie deprecation

Robust customer identity is the key to delivering real-time personalization and outstanding customer experiences. And data is the key to customer identity - comprehensive, contextual, multi-layered data from all channels, all brands, all domains, and all interactions.

With the impending loss of third-party cookies, marketers and data scientists are understandably nervous about the future of personalization, because their old solutions rely on an expiring technology. It's a new era of customer data and identity resolution, and the solution is closer than you think.

This guide explores the ins and outs of first-party, private identity graphs and how they're enabling the future of real-time personalization.