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How a multinational retail bank increased revenue $12M from a single campaign using personalization



reduction in time to deploy personalization


incremental profit from additional sales


incremental revenue from a single campaign

About the customer

This multinational bank has over 7k offices in more than 80 countries, serving 40M customers globally.

Use Cases

  • In-Session retargeting
  • Real-time personalization
  • Conversion optimization


Millions of visitors come to the bank's websites and repeatedly view specific products every day, but don't progress to a purchase. Before deploying Celebrus, their tag-based solutions didn't allow them to act on this opportunity because individual tags aren't able to see this complex sequence of interactions. The bank wanted to retarget these potential customers - either in-session, or with outbound follow up.

The bank also wanted to get serious about rolling out real-time personalization, by creating thousands of new targeted, personalized messages and offers on its web channel. The bank wanted to trial deploying new triggers to see if they could speed up what had been a laborious and lengthy process. Typically, when using their tag-based solution, developing new triggers took weeks or even months!

Finally, the bank wanted to increase sales by optimizing loan conversions via intelligent retargeting. They knew that a large number of customers interacted with their online mortgage or loan calculator but didn’t convert. These were prime targets for intelligent retargeting.

The bank identified several key areas to transform the customer experience and grow revenue.


offices in 80 countries




annual logins to mobile apps



Celebrus was chosen because it addressed all the challenges the bank had, simply and cost effectively. The solution delivers a fully compliant collection of visitor and customer data across the bank’s public and authenticated websites, including Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and native mobile applications, in more than 15 countries.

Celebrus provides instant (milliseconds) delivery of data into the bank’s real-time decisioning systems, with rapid and efficient implementation of data collection via a single line of code – no tagging required. The maintenance free solution offers data control, access, and ease of use with a business-friendly data model that is continuously loaded into the bank’s existing data platforms.

Celebrus was rapidly deployed on all public and authenticated websites as part of the bank’s major transformation program.

Celebrus Key Differentiators

  • Privacy and security features which are critical both for the bank and their customers. (Celebrus is an IS0 27001 accredited solution)
  • Scalability of the solution both in the number of sessions and amount of data being captured, as well as the ability to support numerous use cases from a single source
  • Collect everything means no difficult design choices for collection, and instant availability of data
  • First-party data collection enables the bank to see the experiences it delivers, across multiple channels and visits, through the eyes of the customer
  • Do more with less as the native capabilities of Celebrus minimize the effort to implement, manage, and exploit data from digital channels

Celebrus has enabled us to transform the depth of our personalization, achieve true real-time website personalization, and deliver a consistent cross-channel customer experience.


The instant delivery of Celebrus data into the bank’s real-time decisioning systems drives hyper-personalized marketing communications to enhance the customer experience.

Goal: Create and test targeted messages and deliver in real-time to personalize "in the moment"

How was this done?

Celebrus can generate triggers from any place on the website. even complex multi-step triggers, without tagging. Triggers were configured for the behaviors ‘Product Browsing’, ‘Calculator Interaction’, and ‘Abandoned Applications’.


The triggers support real-time decisions and outbound follow-up - a combination of email and direct marketing. This resulted in $12M incremental revenue from a single campaign in just one year.

Goal: Increase sales by optimizing loan conversions

How was this done?

The Celebrus User Interface (UI) enables new triggers to be created in minutes. Celebrus UI helps to build new scenarios quickly and easily to pass to the decisioning engine. Celebrus also handles the integration with content management and the channels, and provides performance feedback on the new message immediately.


Leveraging Celebrus data, new targeted messages are created in 2 days vs. 3 weeks previously. This reduced their time to deploy personalized web messages by 85%. As a result, they saved Millions of dollars in faster time to market. One target message alone, for a service outage, save the bank Millions in regulatory fines.

Goal: Increase engagement and conversions via intelligent retargeting

How was this done?

Complex triggers were configured to flag customers who have displayed multiple ‘Expressions of Interest’, i.e. customers who repeatedly view products but don’t purchase.


Using these triggers to enable real-time decisions for in-session personalization and outbound follow up generates 360K new leads per year, and 20K additional sales. This has resulted in $3M of incremental profit for the bank.

$12M revenue increase with Celebrus!


This retail bank did it, and you can too!

Celebrus is the radical data solution that uncovers the deepest insight to reveal true customer context and identity - with a single line of code!

Finally solve gaps in data capture, customer context, connectivity with full compliance to elevate your marketing and personalization and explode revenue.

Connect with us today to experience the power of Celebrus for yourself!