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Stop the fraudster before the fraud

Don't just manage fraud - prevent it

Stop managing scams and fraud with sub-par third-party systems that can’t actually prevent fraud.  

Celebrus is the world’s most advanced, comprehensive first-party fraud solution that captures identity across the entire customer journey – not just on the payment page.

Seamlessly collect and layer behavioral biometrics data and PII to build extensive identity graphs to prevent fraud and scams and catch the fraudster before the fraud - with full visibility into the data.

Instant data availability transforms the prevention of scams and financial fraud so you can intervene to catch the fraudster before the fraud.

Don’t risk jeopardizing relationships - and your bottom line - with false positives and unnecessary interruptions to the customer experience. Provide a more seamless customer experience, streamline resource management, and reduce fraud expense with Celebrus.

I'm ready to enhance my fraud prevention!