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How first-party, tag-free data capture increased conversion by 24% for a leading health insurer



increase in conversion rates


significant call center cost reductions


improved customer experience

About the customer

This leading health insurance company is part of a large provider of non-life, health and income protection

Use Cases

  • Increase marketing ROI
  • Real-time personalization
  • Improve customer experience


Faced with growing competition in a multi-channel marketplace, a leading health insurance company understood that being relevant is critical to creating a successful website. For them, every visitor to the site has specific insurance requirements based on age, gender, occupation, and parenthood.

They saw a clear opportunity to improve the relevance of their online content for each visitor through effective real-time personalization. The insurer decided to explore the opportunities this approach could deliver.




merged with largest

insurance provider



The company partnered with Celebrus, adopting our platform to take advantage of the tag-free, multi-channel first-party data capture. This solution enables the large insurer to execute real-time website personalization while simultaneously testing the wide range of new banners, ads, and campaigns they created. This allows them to identify the most effective marketing activities to maximize conversions.

The company embarked on a six-month program of delivering personalized online banners and advertisements to customers based on life stage information. This information is captured online during a five-stage process to provide the data for actuaries to determine the insurance premium. Layering Celebrus on top of the existing process enabled the insurer to optimize customer personalization in real time, and at scale.


All customers initially see the same banner when they arrive on the health insurance site. After completing the first step in the five-stage process, the company then tailors the banners to reflect each customer’s different life stage – from age, to whether they have children.

Throughout the six-month test, the insurer ran multiple campaigns side by side, using Celebrus to monitor each one individually to assess performance. 

After conversion, the company can see which banner the customer saw, compare it to their life stage, and draw a relevant conclusion from the data. Information is presented to the company via dashboards, enabling easy and rapid assessment of the performance of each new banner or campaign.


“Celebrus enabled us to extract an unprecedented granular level of detail from each of those campaigns. It enables us to look back at every single customer visit to the web site step by step and analyze behavior.”


By combining real-time content delivery and performance testing, the insurer was able to continually refine their content to boost conversion. And the results have been impressive, with a 24% increase in conversion rates in just six months.

“We wanted to explore the possibilities that a powerful real-time personalization tool could deliver to the business. Initially there were no specific targets – the emphasis was on innovation and trialing new opportunities to improve the website. The ability to use one tool for both content personalization and multivariate testing is incredibly valuable.”

This model has now been extended to improve the customer experience. At each stage, the visitor is dynamically offered a different phone number to ensure rapid access to the most appropriate sales team.

For those visitors arriving on site that are existing customers, the company uses Celebrus to automatically present a different phone number. For example, at Stage 3 in the process visitors are asked if they’re existing customers. If so, they’re presented with a specific phone number to take them to an operator with access to the customer record.

The value of this approach is clear: individual customers speak directly to a call agent with the right information and experience to meet their needs. As a result, calls are typically shorter, with no need to reconnect to a different department during the call, improving the overall customer experience.


“The ability to dynamically present visitors with the most appropriate phone number is delivering a better customer service, improving productivity, and driving up sales. The use of Celebrus to personalize the website is proving exceptional value by improving both service and sales. The ability to increase conversion rates by 24% is compelling.”

The insurer is continuing to build on this real-time testing approach to drive continuous improvement.

24% conversion increase by implementing Celebrus!


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