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Celebrus CX Vault

Celebrus CX Vault no-party data FAQs

Explore the only solution for delivering a relevant experience without cookies


Deliver complete customer anonymity AND relevant experiences with Celebrus CX Vault

CX Vault is the only no-party data solution that delivers a relevant experience during opted-out sessions.

When a user opts out of tracking, marketing data can no longer be captured. That’s for standard opt-outs, or if people are using browsers like Brave and DuckDuckGo that fundamentally opt-out automatically. But that doesn't mean you can't still deliver a relevant experience for opted out visitors.

What is CX Vault

CX Vault is the patented no-party data solution from Celebrus that enables customized visitor experiences during opted-out or browser restricted sessions.

It provides a cookieless solution to allow brands to build positive experiences for consumers without capturing or storing any information.

How does it work?

When a user opts-out, Celebrus switches to operating within that single device and that single domain. No data is captured or sent back to the collection servers. It’s a severed connection. We don’t capture form fields or any PII. We don’t set cookies or identifiers. We apply our machine learning to create signals on that device for that single domain and we maintain that session to session for just that device. Rules can also be downloaded into the device from Celebrus to power changes.

Where do the rules come from?

Celebrus provides the ability to action no-party data by delivering relevant content based on rules and triggers, which can be downloaded into the Vault for that user’s device when they opt out. The Automated Machine Learning signals provided in CX Vault are based on contextual insights. These insights can be used alongside additional signals based on learning from your existing decisioning solutions, including common paths or experiences that are successful with opted-in customers. Simply download those into Celebrus for use within CX Vault as needed.

How does CX Vault deliver relevant content?

CX Vault enables signals to influence changes in the visitor experience based on the various rules and triggers set within Celebrus. It’s only for that single device on that single domain, and there are no cross-device or cross-domain capabilities. Celebrus CX Vault understands behavioral context and provides brands the ability to use that to make changes within the Vault and provide relevant session-based experiences.

Can it track across sessions?

Yes, but only for a single domain. So, if someone goes to and then moves to a subdomain of those would be two different vaults. Those vaults will never communicate with each other.

One vault per domain per device. No opportunity to stitch any of that together in any way, shape, or form. No ability for any other technology to interact with it either. It’s called a CX Vault for a reason.

What's the value of no-party data in CX Vault?

Consumers want a positive experience, but they want their privacy. These competing objectives create a black hole for brands today that take compliance seriously. Celebrus CX Vault, which is patent protected, is the only solution that gives brands a chance to do both. As a brand, this means you can go from doing nothing at all to doing something highly relevant.

Can CX Vault be purchased separately and used without Celebrus CDP?

Yes, Celebrus CX Vault can be purchased outside of the Celebrus CDP subscription. For more details or to get started with the only no-party data solution built to power engagement regardless of opt-in, Sales today