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HIPAA-compliance in healthcare marketing


Are you following best practices?


Healthcare marketing must comply with HIPAA regulations to protect patient privacy. Violations can occur through unauthorized disclosure of PHI or targeted advertising based on medical history. Complying with HIPAA builds trust with patients, maintains the healthcare system's integrity, and avoids financial penalties and damage to an organization's reputation.

How does HIPAA affect healthcare marketing?

HIPAA limits the use and disclosure of patients' personal data. PHI should only be used for “treatment, payment, or healthcare operations”, and cannot be shared without patient consent. This applies to both digital and printed materials.

When healthcare providers or other organizations use PHI in their marketing campaigns, they must obtain the patient's written consent to do so. This consent must be specific, and patients must be informed about how their information will be used.


How to ensure your healthcare marketing is HIPAA-compliant

Don't use 3rd party trackers

Third-party data trackers like Google Analytics are specifically restricted within HIPAA guidelines. Only a first-party data solution like Celebrus can ensure compliance.

Obtain patients' written consent

Before using PHI in any marketing campaign, obtain the patient's written consent. The consent must be specific and clearly explain how the information will be used.

De-identify or anonymize PHI

To prevent patients from being identified, ensure any PHI sent to outside vendors or marketing platforms is de-identified or anonymized.

Train your staff

Make sure all employees are trained on HIPAA regulations and understands how to handle PHI. This includes training on how to obtain patient consent and how to de-identify or anonymize PHI.

Conduct regular audits

Regularly audit your healthcare marketing efforts to confirm they're HIPAA-compliant. This includes regularly reviewing your marketing materials and tracking patient consent.

Work with a HIPAA expert
If you're unsure about whether your healthcare marketing efforts are HIPAA-compliant, work with a HIPAA compliance expert. They can help you understand the regulations and develop a compliance plan.

Best practices for HIPAA-compliant healthcare marketing

  • Use a true first-party data capture solution like Celebrus so you fully own and control all the data
  • Use strong encryption methods when transferring PHI between systems
  • Follow proper authorization processes when collecting and exchanging PHI with third-parties
  • Ensure you have valid BAAs with all external vendors
  • Track access logs closely so you know who has accessed which records
  • Update your security protocols regularly

Celebrus is the only solution for HIPAA-compliant healthcare marketing


True first-party data capture

Celebrus is the only data capture solution that's true first-party, which means YOU own and control the data.


Safe and Secure

Data security goes hand-in-hand with data privacy at Celebrus. Our solution is regularly penetration tested to ISO27001 standards, and subjected to rigorous ethical hacking.


Assured compliance and no-stress BAAs

Unlike Google and other vendors, Celebrus happily signs BAAs for our healthcare clients - because we've got you covered.

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