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What’s in store for retailers in 2024? We’ll find out at eTail West!

Author: Sammi Jones


The retail event of the year — eTail West — kicks off its 25th season Feb. 26–29 in Palm Springs, CA. Known for attracting the top minds in the retail industry, this year’s conference will tackle topics like AI’s impacts on efficiency, omnichannel strategy best practices, and what it takes to understand evolving consumer behavior. 

 Celebrus is excited to attend eTail West, and we’ll exhibiting be at Booth #809, so be sure to swing by to discuss your data challenges with us.   

 Here’s a look at the sessions and topics we’re excited to dive into at eTail West.  

Shaping the Ideal Digital Customer Experience 

Feb. 27, Keynote Panel Discussion 


Douglas Hwang, VP, Head of Digital Commerce, Harry’s 

Stephanie Urban, VP, Marketing & eCommerce, Camuto Group 

Ruchika Julapalli, VP, Product Management & Digital Experience, J. Crew 

Jenna Posner, CDO, Solo Brands 

Michele Fitzpatrick, VP, Strategy, Marigold 

Richard Jones, Chief Revenue Officer, Wunderkind  

Session overview: In today's digital landscape, creating an exceptional customer journey is imperative for businesses. From seamless user interfaces and intuitive design to personalization, data-driven insights, and emerging technologies like AI and chatbots, the panel will explore the multifaceted approach to building a digital ecosystem that engages and delights customers.  

What we’ll be listening for: The future belongs to retailers who can align their digital strategies with the expectations of evolving consumers. Truly connecting with customers starts with capturing better data. We’re looking forward to hearing the panel discuss the importance of customer data and how it’s being used by big brands to deliver best-in-class experiences.   

The State of D2C in 2024

Feb. 27, Keynote Panel Discussion  


Kim Tobman, CEO, The Bouqs 

David Benayoun, Co-Founder & CEO, Ana Luisa 

Daniella Yacobovsky, Co-Founder, BaubleBar 

Steven Miglieri, VP, Sales, North America, parcelLab 

Richard Jones, Chief Revenue Officer, Wunderkind 

Session overview: Given the increase in competition, the rising costs of doing business, and the resurgence of in-store experiences, the DTC landscape has changed considerably. The business model that launched the DTC darlings of the early 2010s isn’t working anymore and brands need to focus on the most important thing — the way their current customer likes to shop.  

What we’ll be listening for: Today’s retailers must be available via multiple channels, so effectively capturing (and connecting) consumer data across all channels is crucial. We’re interested to hear how brands are using data to understand customers and fuel better, more profitable experiences.  

Who Are Disrupting and Delighting in 2024

Feb. 28, Founders Forum 


Michael Wieder, Co-Founder, President & CMO, Lalo 

Laura Burget, Co-Founder, Three Ships Beauty 

Ronak Shah, Founder & CEO, Obvi 

Matthew Mueller, CEO, Knot Standard 

Andrei Rebrov, CTO & Co-Founder, Scentbird 

Jaysen Gillespie, Head of Analytics & Data Science, RTB House  

Session overview: Founders from retail brands with bold experiences and new product ideas gather to discuss how they’re approaching today’s customer and what makes their companies unique and disruptive. 

What we’ll be listening for: What new experiences are brands delivering? What types of data are they relying on to fuel these unique experiences? We’re excited to hear more about the strategies these brands are using to set themselves apart in the retail industry.  

Catch up with
Celebrus at eTail West

Delivering seamless online customer experiences is more difficult and more important than ever. Digital data is daunting and probably not delivering for you — we get it. You hear about a cookieless future, clean rooms, first-party data, and new approaches from the likes of Google and wonder how best to navigate it all. This is why you should meet with Celebrus. We capture digital interactions across your digital properties and build the digital profiles you need to build better experiences. Your journey toward better decisions, better experiences, and better data starts now. Our platform fills the gaps you have today and sets you up for the future. Beloved by businesses all over the world for over 20 years and respected by technology teams, we’re with you every step of the way. We look forward to meeting you. 

We’ll be at Booth #809, so swing by and see what our platform is all about.  

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