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3 sessions we're looking forward to at ViVE 2024

Author: Tiffany Staples


What digital tools are fueling more patient-friendly healthcare ecosystems? How are healthcare providers leveraging data to transform patient experiences?  

Answers to these questions and more will be revealed at ViVE 2024. As the digital healthcare event of the year, ViVE brings together health leaders, executives, buyers, and solution providers for four days of industry innovation.  

Celebrus is thrilled to be attending ViVE 2024 in Los Angeles, CA, February 25–28. We’re excited to show what our technology can do to improve your digital front door (we’ll be at Booth #2531, so swing by for a demo), and we’re also looking forward to networking opportunities and educational sessions. 

Here are three sessions we’re most excited about. 

Mastering Data Like It’s Your Most Valuable Asset  

Feb. 27, Session 1  


Ezra Mehlman, Managing Partner, Health Enterprise Partners 


Ashwini Davidson, MD, Healthcare Executive Advisor, Amazon Web Services 

Becky Fox, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Intermountain Health 

Bradd Busick, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, MultiCare 

C.K. Wang, MD, Chief Medical Officer, COTA Inc. 

Session overview: Patient-generated data has emerged as a predictor of health outcomes, but the intricacies of harnessing, utilizing, and ensuring HIPAA compliance are becoming more entangled. Health orgs are set on creating a centralized data strategy to house and disseminate this wealth of information stemming from wearables, mobile apps, and patient-reported outcomes because it offers a holistic view of individual health journeys. If this information can be used by clinicians and providers to deliver more targeted and effective care, it can usher in a new era of precision healthcare. 

What we’ll be listening for: Capturing and contextualizing data in one centralized place has never been more difficult — or important — for health providers. Between HIPAA restrictions on data collection, the challenges of persisting identity across channels, domains, and devices, and the headaches of data silos, health organizations have their work cut out for them. We’re excited to hear how companies and organizations are using technology to create centralized data strategies.  

Tech That Moves Mountains 

Feb. 27, Session 2 


Brian Kalis, Managing Director - Strategy Lead, Health, Accenture 


Andrea Fletcher, Chief Digital Strategy Officer, Digital Services at CMS 

Charles Worthington, CTO, US Dept. Of Veterans Affairs, Office of Information and Technology, US Dept. Of Veterans Affairs 

Jeff Terry, MBA, FACHE, Founding CEO & Managing Principal – Command Center, GE HealthCare, GE HealthCare Command Center 

Rebecca Stametz, DEd, MPH, Vice President, Digital Transformation, Geisinger  

Session overview: By 2035, healthcare solutions will be seamlessly integrated into daily life. Health systems are inching closer to this reality by attempting to meet consumer expectations while operating with older technology, disconnected health models, and frayed infrastructure. Imagine what a hospital of the future would look like — one with a forward-thinking design that considers patient needs and improves the digital experience with a more customer-facing platform. Health leaders will look into their crystal balls as they paint a picture for a digital future that can redefines the way care is delivered within the four walls. 

What we’ll be listening for: The digital front door is about improving patient experiences via technology. We’re eager to hear all about future predictions and learn what technologies are paving the way to build better patient-provider relationships and journeys in the digital world. 

Data-Driven Experiences: Improving Digital Journeys for Patients and Members

Feb. 27, Tech Talks  


Mark Krebs, VP, Global Sales, Celebrus 

Session overview: Data overload, data gaps, HIPAA regulations — delivering seamless online patient experiences is tougher than ever. How can organizations untangle this web and transform patient interactions and healthcare journeys? Celebrus explores the journey of a large US healthcare system and addresses challenges of fragmented data and disconnected care touchpoints. See the impact of a data platform, connecting online behavioral data to pharmacies, providing a seamless patient journey, and improving outcomes. Explore how integrated data strategies reshape healthcare, paving the way for a cohesive, patient-centric future.

What we’ll be listening for: Celebrus’ very own Mark Krebs will be leading this Tech Talks session. We’re looking forward to attendee questions and insightful conversations about how a better data strategy opens the digital front door to better patient experiences. 

Catch up with
Celebrus at ViVE

We get it: Delivering seamless online patient and member experiences is more difficult and more important than ever. Digital data is difficult to use, incomplete, and restricted by HIPAA. 

Celebrus is proven in the healthcare space to help you build, understand, and improve your digital front door. We capture digital interactions from all your digital properties to help you build better journeys and gain a better understanding of your patients and members. We don’t require a massive technical implementation, and the data we capture for you never leaves your four walls. 

We’ll be at Booth #2531, so be sure to swing by and say hello.  

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