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MRC Vegas 2024: 5 sessions we’re excited to attend

Author: Serpil Hall

What challenges will the fraud industry face this year? How are merchants integrating fraud analytics into their prevention strategies? What does it take to successfully stop ATO scammers in their tracks?  

MRC Vegas 2024 is March 25–28 in Las Vegas, NV, and the conference will be packed with educational workshops, speakers, and networking opportunities to connect industry experts from around the globe.   

 Celebrus will be on-site at MCR Vegas to chat about data strategy and fraud prevention, so be sure to request a private meeting with us! 

Here are 5 MRC Vegas 2024 sessions we’re excited to attend this year!

Mind the Gap — If You Know Where to Find It  

March 26, Authentication 


Mike Foster, VP Risk Product, Remitly 

Catherine Tong, Partner, Allyiz  

Session overview: Customer verification is a challenge for many businesses. Imagine how you achieve this in real time to enable customers to send and receive money with minimal friction or gaps in risk management. Remitly will share how they continually evaluate the tools and processes used to manage customer onboarding and transfers; Allyiz will share experiences of merchants where the use of solutions has been unstructured, data is hard to interrogate, and determining the best partners to work with is challenging. 

What we’ll be listening for: Verifying the identity of individuals in real time is a must for any business looking to stay ahead of fraudsters. We’re excited to learn more about each company’s verification strategy and hear what technologies they’re using to prevent fraud before it happens. 

Unmasking Hidden Costs: The True Price of BNPL 

March 26, Payments 


Prerit Uppal, Group Product Manager, Adobe 

Rishu Goel, Lead Risk Analytics and Steering, Riverty Group GmbH 

Roenen Ben-Ami, Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer, Justt  

Session overview: Uncover the concealed costs behind the seemingly convenient world of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services. Financial experts and industry insiders will dissect the financial, psychological, and societal implications of BNPL usage, shedding light on interest rates, late fees, and the potential impact on consumer behavior. Gain valuable insights to make informed financial decisions and contribute to a broader conversation on responsible financial practices in the modern era. 

What we’ll be listening for: BNPL services are ripe for fraudsters and even consumers (friendly fraud) to take advantage of. We’re eager to hear more about the impacts fraudsters and friendly fraud is having on the service, and we’re also looking forward to learning what technologies companies are using to mitigate attacks.  

Tackling Synthetic Identity: How Merchants and PSPs Manage User Identity Together 

March 26, Fraud 


Matthew Murray, Director of Financial Crimes & Regulatory Affairs, GoFundMe 

Casper Rijnsdorp, Head of CDD & KYC, Americas, Adyen 

Session overview: Fraud and synthetic identity are risks for any business – and these risks are growing. While this is driven largely by factors outside of our control, such as economic pressure from inflation and opportunities for fraudsters to misuse new technologies, what remains in our control is how we respond to it. The session will highlight how GoFundMe and Adyen have teamed up to tackle the challenge of synthetic identity together.  

What we’ll be listening for: The session looks to dive into how merchants and other PSPs are managing identity, so we’re curious to see what tools they’re using.  


Investigating Fraud on the Dark & Deep Web 

March 26, Other Fraud  


Keven Hendricks, Detective – Task Force Officer, New Brunswick Police Department 

Session overview: Learn about the evolving trends that bad actors are utilizing to facilitate fraud, such as scam phone calls and account takeovers, and dive deep into the criminal ecosystem to see how robust and lucrative these criminal businesses can be. Attendees will also learn best investigative practices and see successful case studies. 

What we’ll be listening for: Fraudsters are constantly finding new ways to steal data and identities, making it difficult for companies to keep up. What new tactics do scammers have up their sleeves for 2024? What’s types of scams are they gravitating toward? We’re eager to learn more.  


Refund Fraud – Fraud as a Service – Have We Created a Monster? 

March 26, Other Fraud 


Dajana Gajic-Fisic, Director of Fraud, C.H. Robinson 

Session overview: Refund fraud is the newest and fastest growing fraud trend in the industry. Some sources indicate that merchants are losing three times more revenue to this fraud than actual credit card fraud. Due to lack of visibility, lack of tracking, and the fact that most of these losses are written off as a cost of doing business, this type of fraud can go unnoticed for a long period of time. Creating a seamless process around returns and refunds was always in the service of providing an exceptional customer experience, but did we unintentionally create this risk gap? 

What we’ll be listening for: Identifying refund fraud and detecting the differences between individuals and organized groups can be challenging for businesses. We’re eager to hear more about the tools used to combat refund fraud.    


Meet with Celebrus at MRC Vegas 


The fraud technology landscape is full of black boxes, partial data sets, long delays, limited control, and more reactive approaches to Fraud. With how quickly fraud can occur and adapt, brands need better control, precision, and timeliness of data to stop fraud before it happens.

In digital, brands need a platform that can build evidence profiles and manage digital identity from the very first page/screen and maintain and build that evidence profile with every click, interaction, and journey across all devices and channels. The machine learning and activation options need to be transparent and adjustable. The data itself needs to be complete and available in milliseconds with the ability to detect anomalies with unparalleled precision proactively. Celebrus is the platform that can fortify your defenses and safeguard your operations. 

Request your private meeting with Celebrus at MRC Vegas!


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