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3 sessions we’re excited to attend at Shoptalk 2024

Author: Tiffany Staples

How is generative AI impacting the global retail industry? What are retailers doing to harness brand power and build brand trust? What new technologies are retailers using to streamline customer journeys and create unified experiences?  

This year’s Shoptalk conference in Las Vegas promises to deliver the latest insight, trends, and business advice pertaining to the retail industry. From educational sessions to keynote speakers and networking opportunities, Shoptalk 2024 is expected to draw more than 10,000 leaders from the retail ecosystem.   

Celebrus will be on-site to meet with retailers and chat about marketing and data strategy! Request your private meeting with us today!  

Here are three sessions we’re excited to attend at this year’s conference!

New Marketing Technologies 

March 19, Session 1, Track 4


Trevor Testwuide, Co-Founder & CEO, Measured 

Assaf Baciu, Co-Founder & CEO, Persado  

Melissa Burdick, Co-Founder & President, Pacvue  

Anthony Lye, CEO, Amplience 

Interviewer: Danielle Lay, Partner, NEA 

Shoptalk’s preview: The global market for marketing and sales technology is worth over $500 billion and is marked by continual innovation. Marketing executives have a myriad of new ways to create marketing messages, enhance personalization, buy media, and measure success, creating challenges to identify those solutions that are most beneficial to any individual company’s needs. This session will feature four solution providers delivering innovative marketing technologies.  

What Celebrus will be listening for: We’re excited to learn about the new marketing technologies retailers are gravitating toward. Personalization and targeted messaging have the power to turn casual shoppers into valued customers, and finding success into today’s fast-paced ecommerce world requires a marketing solution that can deliver live-time data for instant actioning.  

Understanding and Influencing Today’s Cross-Channel Customer Journeys 

March 19, Session 3, Track 2


Liza Lefkowski, VP, Proprietary Brands & Retail, Wayfair 

Laura Knebusch, SVP, Marketing & CX, Georgia-Pacific 

Sapna Parikh, Chief Digital Officer, Kendo Brands (LVMH) 

Interviewer: Jason Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer, Publicis Groupe  

Shoptalk’s preview: Contemporary customer journeys can encompass dozens of touchpoints across both the digital and physical world. As those touchpoints proliferate, brands and retailers have varying degrees of visibility into how their customers find, research, and buy their products. This session will feature three companies that have found ways to understand their customers’ diverse and divergent journeys, identifying those key moments when they can be most easily or efficiently nudged toward completing a transaction. 

What Celebrus will be listening for: Today’s consumers are notorious for interacting across a wide range of devices, apps, and channels before making a purchase. Identity stitching connects various data points across the customer journey to create a unified view of individual consumers. For most brands and retailers, identity stitching is difficult — and solving for anonymous visitors is even more difficult. We’re looking forward to hearing more about the technologies these panel speakers rely on for identity stitching and capturing the entire consumer journey.  

Creating Frictionless and Continuous Store Experiences 

March 17, Session 1, Track 1


Lauren Morr, SVP, Digital Engineering & Architecture, Abercrombie & Fitch Co.  

Patrick McIntyre, Head of Development, Krispy Kreme 

Interviewer: Steve Dennis, Founder & President, SageBerry Consulting  

Shoptalk’s preview: Omnichannel customers shop nearly two times more often than single-channel shoppers, making it imperative for retailers to provide them with a seamless, unified experience. There are two critical components to delivering on this promise — creating an experience that's frictionless, as well as continuous. With most retail transactions in the U.S. still taking place in person, stores play a key role in delighting consumers. In this session, three retail leaders will share the technologies and strategies they’re using to create seamless store experiences that charm and captivate customers and connect their journey across channels. 

What Celebrus will be listening for: One moment a customer is browsing your store app, the next second they’re on a tablet adding an item to their cart, and the next hour they’re walking around your physical store. An omnichannel customer strategy is the only way to keep up with the whims of today’s consumers, and it requires retailers to capture data across all channels, apps, devices, and over time. We’re excited to hear all about the technologies the speakers from these companies are using to deliver their omnichannel experiences.  

Improving relationships between brand and consumers via better data 


Delivering seamless online customer experiences is more difficult and more important than ever. Digital data is daunting and probably not delivering for most retailers — we get it. You hear about a cookieless future, clean rooms, first-party data, and new approaches from the likes of Google and wonder how best to navigate it all.  

This is why you should meet with Celebrus. We capture digital interactions across your digital properties and build the digital profiles you need to build better experiences. Your journey toward better decisions, better experiences, and better data starts now. Our platform fills the gaps you have today and sets you up for the future.  

Request your private meeting with Celebrus at Shoptalk! 


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