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API connector: one dataset to connect them all

Author: Bill Bruno

I saw a recent post on LinkedIn commented that companies generally overlook integrating their tech stacks, and that the only way to get a full view of the customer journey was to do just that. Why do so many organizations overlook it despite this being so important in today's world? It's very similar to procrastinating in college for an exam: you don't want to do it, so you do all the easy stuff on your list first and then ultimately never quite get to the more difficult items on your to-do list.

Organizations that do try to do this with their existing marketing technologies will often find themselves frustrated and spending quite a bit of money and time on trying to get it right. Marketing Clouds will want to capture the data for you and ultimately be the gatekeeper for that data to other systems. Similarly, Tag Management Systems will want to orchestrate a data layer and then use that to connect data to various tags prior to them firing.

Regardless of the approach, you end up with a bad game of telephone where ultimately the message gets lost as data jumps from one system to the next. In addition, you can throw "real-time" out the window with either approach; it's simply too manual or too negatively impacted by human error.

Without a single source of truth for digital data, organizations will consistently fight an uphill battle as they traverse the various technologies, the changing metric definitions, and the inaccuracies introduced along the way from manual tagging and data layer definitions given how frequently the digital experience will change across device.

Celebrus CDP has always promoted a "collect once, use many" mantra whereby our data capture and contextualization, backed by an extensible data model, ultimately is best suited to connect to any downstream system in the expected format. We've always commented that our data is only as good as the systems you connect us to, especially since we are not a reporting tool or decisioning platform.

As a result, our customers have connected Celebrus data, via our open platform, to several systems in parallel for many years. Some customers today have portions of Celebrus data feeding 15+ applications in real-time. However, to keep up with the current speed of digitization, we wanted to do more and continue to innovate by launching our API Connector.

With a no-code interface, the Celebrus API Connector addresses some of the most frequent sources of frustration in integrating data across enterprise platforms and applications, and ultimately ensures that organizations get as much value as possible from their data-starved marketing tech stack. If you're feeling the pain of data integration, now would be a good time to see how Celebrus can alleviate that for you.

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