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How to solve for anonymous visitors

Author: Laura Ballam


One of the biggest challenges in digital marketing is understanding and engaging with anonymous website visitors. Anonymous visitors are those individuals who visit a website or interact with a brand's online presence without providing any identifiable information. These visitors are anonymous because they haven’t provided their name, email address, or any other personal details that could be used to identify them.

When someone visits a website, they may browse different pages, view products, read content, or engage with various elements, such as filling out forms or clicking on links. This data carries invaluable insight, but without voluntarily sharing their information, these visitors typically remain anonymous to the website or business. Anonymous visitors represent a significant portion of lost potential leads and customers: A report by Demandbase states that, on average, about 97% of website visitors leave without taking any desired action or converting. Likewise, 6sense reports that only about 3% of website visitors convert into identifiable leads by filling out a form or providing their contact information. There are dozens of studies with the same findings, and it really hasn’t changed over the past decade – which is why it’s crucial for organizations to solve for anonymous identity.

The challenge of anonymous website visitors

Businesses are constantly striving to engage with their website visitors and provide seamless, personalized experiences. However, since the majority of website traffic comes from anonymous users, businesses are left in the dark about their preferences, needs, and potential value.

Anonymous visitors are a significant challenge for marketers because they represent missed opportunities for personalized engagement and targeted marketing efforts. Since their identities are unknown, businesses have limited knowledge about these visitor’s preferences, interests, or purchase history. This lack of information makes it difficult to personalize the visitor experience, provide customized offers, or nurture long-term relationships.

Resolving anonymous visitor identity is key to unlocking growth and gaining massive competitive advantage. From enhanced marketing and sales efforts that drive conversions, to improved customer experience that increases retention, anonymous visitor journey tracking is essential in today's competitive landscape.

Anonymous identity stitching IS possible

While identifying anonymous visitors is the ultimate goal, it’s not all-or-nothing. Consumers choose when and where to self-identify or authenticate, but even before they do you can leverage anonymous identity stitching to elevate your marketing and personalization efforts. How? By tracking the anonymous journey the same way you do a known individual, then linking that journey to the actual record in your CRM, database, or anywhere you’re collecting customer profiles once the individual is identified. To do this, you need the right data solution and some key elements within it.

7 Key elements of anonymous identity resolution

  1. Layered first-party identity graph: To bridge the gap between anonymous visitors and known contacts you need to consolidate and identify visitors in milliseconds, regardless of cookie blockers or browser restrictions. First-party identity is the only way to do this.
  2. Persist anonymous profiles: By assigning unique identifiers to anonymous visitors and persisting it over time and across channels, devices, and sessions you can stitch identity for anonymous users to gain a holistic view of each visitor’s journey.
  3. Cross-domain continuance: A key element of anonymous identity resolution is persisting identity across domains. Most solutions can’t do this, wasting valuable user insight and context.
  4. Visitor tracking and behavior analysis: To resolve identity for anonymous visitors, you must track every interaction on your website, collecting real-time data on user behavior, preferences, and interests.
  5. Integration with various data sources: Your data capture solution must seamlessly integrate with your existing data sources and marketing systems, providing a unified view of your visitors – whether known or anonymous.
  6. Instant connectivity: To action the insights gathered you must be able to connect these visitor profiles to decisioning systems within milliseconds to tailor their experiences in live-time, while the visitor is still on the site.
  7. Advanced analytics and insights: You must leverage machine learning algorithms that deliver actionable insights to help you optimize marketing strategies and drive business growth.
  8. Privacy and security compliance: Your data solution must ensure data privacy and security by adhering to GDPR, CCPA, and other global data protection regulations.

How to resolve anonymous visitor identify:

Resolving anonymous visitor identity involves implementing strategies and technologies that collect, persist, stitch, and analyze data to identify these individuals over time. By capturing anonymous visitor information via multiple methods such as device IDs, cookies, user accounts, IP tracking, or lead generation forms, marketers can transform anonymous visitors into known contacts, enabling more targeted and personalized marketing activities. Doing so requires a comprehensive data capture solution that incorporates:

Real-time data collection and analysis: Capture granular data on each visitor's actions and interactions on your website in real-time.

IP address and device fingerprinting: By analyzing IP addresses and device characteristics, organizations can identify unique visitors and link their activities across multiple sessions.

Cross-channel data integration: Combine data from various channels, such as web, mobile, social, and offline sources, to create a comprehensive customer profile.

Machine learning algorithms to predict visitor identity: Employ advanced machine learning techniques to analyze anonymous visitor behavior and predict their identity, enabling you to deliver personalized marketing campaigns.

Resolving anonymous visitor identity is no longer an option; it’s a necessity for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital landscape. By harnessing this power, you can unleash enhanced marketing and sales efforts, while providing customers with exceptional experiences that keep them coming back for more. Embrace the future and unmask the potential within your anonymous visitors – you’ll be in awe of your new superpower!

By resolving anonymous visitor identity, businesses can bridge the gap between anonymous browsing and personalized marketing, leading to more effective campaigns, higher conversions, improved customer experiences, and increased customer retention.

And remember, resolving anonymous visitor identity isn’t just about numbers and data - it's about forging genuine connections with your audience and delivering value that transcends their expectations.

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