Fraud Data Platform (FDP)

Catch the Fraudster before the Fraud

Protect your customers from online fraud and financial crimes through the identification of fraudsters using their unique behaviors. Improve the customer experience via frictionless, invisible and continuous authentication.

Protect your business in real-time across all digital touchpoints with fully automated behavioral insights, working seamlessly with your existing fraud management tools. Reduce false positives through more accurate fraud detection and rapidly address new threats as they emerge.

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Online Fraud Prevention: The Perfect Storm


Celebrus Fraud Data Platform provides the most complete real-time stream of behavioral data across all digital touchpoints, throughout the customer journey. We power your existing fraud management systems with the insights required to prevent fraudsters from committing crime, whilst enabling genuine customers to interact seamlessly.

New account fraud

Celebrus FDP provides real-time behavioral analytics across the account opening journey from first visit, to application, onboarding and beyond. Our 'collect everything' approach captures PII, site navigation and detailed visitor behaviors down to mouse move and swipe level. We can detect the fraudsters via their unique behaviors before they successfully open new accounts.

Account takeover fraud

By providing real-time behavioral biometrics, Celebrus FDP continuously authenticates genuine users and identifies suspicious activity. We detect the unique behaviors displayed by cybercriminals as they gain access, either directly, or through coercion. Suspect activity is flagged to your existing access management and fraud detection solutions to stop account attacks as they happen.

Payment fraud

Only a fraction of fraud losses are recoverable after a payment is made, so real time detection and prevention of fraudulent payments is critical. Celebrus generates detailed behavioral insights in real time across each individual payment journey. These are instantly passed as a set of behavioral risk indicators and a score to your existing fraud prevention tools, enabling them to block more fraudulent payments, whilst preserving the experience of genuine customers.


Celebrus FDP is always on, capturing every detail of each user interaction in real-time. We enable you to activate this data across your key fraud management processes to drive better outcomes for you and your customers


The Celebrus Fraud Data Model provides 1000's of features to power fraud model training and real-time scoring. Improved AI detects more fraud and reduces false positives

85%of fraud detected in 1% of transactions


Celebrus FDP operates invisibly to genuine customers, requiring no customer impacting changes to onboarding, login or payment processes

>99%of user sessions unaffected by fraud measures


Celebrus FDP is fully automated and activates your existing fraud management platforms. More new insights accelerate investigations and the mitigation of emerging threats

<1 dayto launch new risk indicators for fraud detection


Celebrus FDP gives you the ability to detect and prevent more fraud by identifying the unique behavioral signatures created when cybercriminals are present. Continuous monitoring across the customer journey, to catch the fraudster before they commit the fraud

>$80mof fraud prevented before losses are incurred


Celebrus Fraud Data Platform offers


Every detail about users and their behaviors as they navigate your digital channels

No impact on genuine customer experiences


Deep insights in real-time that signal when something is unusual about an interaction

Find more fraud across the customer journey


These insights to your existing fraud decisioning and investigation systems in real-time

Efficiently identify & prevent multiple fraud types


Is yours because you own all the data. Celebrus is also completely open and low code configurable

Quickly adapt to evolving threats

Celebrus FDP can be deployed quickly across all your digital channels, providing a complete and real-time stream of data, integrated with your existing systems

Deploy anywhere, from within your data center to the cloud

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We know what good online behavior looks like so we know what bad looks like

Celebrus FDP is deployed extensively across many of the world's largest and most innovative brands. We have unrivaled experience of knowing what good customer experiences look like, so we instantly know what fraudulent behavior looks like


web & mobile sessions captured annually


known individuals across banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications and more


websites, mobile apps, payment systems and more


clients including many of the world's biggest brands


countries across 4 continents


average response time


attributes per session

8 weeks

average time to value


employees focused entirely on data platforms

15 core patents

for data capture, signal processing, data models


annual revenue (2019/2020)


typical ROI, with profit in months

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