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Customer Success

Success story: Retailer cuts PPC fraud by identifying click bots with Celebrus



of inbound PPC traffic identified as fraudulent


Increased sales and marketing ROI 

The Very Group, a multi-brand online retailer headquartered in the UK, was trying to find and reduce fraudulent activity within their paid advertising and marketing efforts. They were struggling to keep up with evolving fraud because their previous web reporting only provided aggregate stats - not individual-level insight. This made it very difficult to detect emerging types of digital fraud. 


Celebrus was implemented to capture individual-level data such as referring URL, campaign, session details, etc. to show the complete visitor journey, including outcomes. Celebrus quickly uncovered ads with approximately 100% abandon rates from the landing page, triggering further analysis. A detailed drill-down identified click bots that were deployed against specific ads, enabling the retailer to quickly remove those ads.  

Celebrus also enables rules to be configured to counter fraudulent activity in real time, saving the retailer valuable advertising dollars while improving their metrics and ad optimization for greater ROI. 



  • 6% of inbound PPC traffic identified as fraudulent
  • Affected PPC ads were identified and removed
  • Reclaimed ad spend diverted to more effective campaigns
  • Increased total sales and marketing ROI 


of inbound PPC traffic identified as fraudulent


Increased sales and marketing ROI


This innovative retailer did it, and you can too!

Celebrus is the only fraud defense solution that solves for ALL fraud types - even bot fraud! Celebrus is the missing link in your fraud strategy, delivering the real-time identity resolution, behavioral context, and activation needed to detect and prevent fraud.

Finally solve your data, identity, and connectivity gaps with full compliance to elevate your fraud prevention strategy.

Connect with us today to experience the power of Celebrus for yourself!